Your Legal Rights

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Click here to view Penny Savidis of Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers paper on legal rights of Care Leavers

Victims of Crime Compensation laws differ in various states. 

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New South Wales

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Angela Sdrinis of Ryan Carlisle Thomas is currently investigating claims against the Salvation Army. If you were abused in a Salvation Army Home or have information regarding abuse in Salvation Army Homes, please contact Angela Sdrinis on 1800 060 070. Ryan Carlisle Thomas is particularly interested to hear from anyone who was abused in Salvation Army Homes in NSW and Queensland although information regarding any Salvation Army Home would be gratefully received.

A CLAN member who is a lawyer has prepared the following advice for us.

Care Leavers who approach the organisation which ran their institution, in order to make a complaint about their time in care, need to be aware of some important issues which could affect them.

You should take legal advice before either

  • having a discussion with, or
  • signing any document for

any organisation or agency concerned with your abuse.

If you do not take legal advice you may be compromising your rights by making statements or admissions about your time in care.

An abused person should not give details or dates in relation to any of the following:

  • Contacts with police in relation to abuse
  • Victims Compensation Tribunal claims
  • Visits to psychiatrists or psychologists
  • Claims against governments or institutions or abusers

Members should never sign statements for abusers or institutions nor attend at their appointed psychologists or psychiatrists or release any documents or information to such people without prior legal advice.

You should only take these actions after specific legal advice about the consequences of doing so. Taking these actions could affect your further rights to take action against abusers/institutions.

Many Care Leavers may not realise that they have legal rights. You therefore may not think that there could be any consquences for you in making any of the above revelations.

Please contact CLAN if you want to discuss this, and we can refer you to appropriate legal channels where someone can help you.