Resources Available to CLAN Members only

The extensive CLAN library is available to CLAN Library members to borrow books, videos, audio cassettes and browse media articles.

Borrowing Procedures

Members of CLAN who live in Australia can borrow from the library, for an annual library joining fee of $10. The fee is to help cover costs of postage and maintenance of the library.

CLAN posts out items and members pay the return postage. Borrowing is for one month, which may be extended if no one else requires the item. If you wish to borrow from the library contact CLAN by phone, letter or email or click on “Click here to email CLAN to request to borrow this book”


We have an extensive library of books – currently over 768 covering non-fiction such as histories of Homes and of ‘care’ generally, along with fiction and self-help. We also have many inquiry reports, theses, manuals and other research documents. Some material is for reference only but most books are available for Australian based members to borrow and cover a very wide range of subjects, click here to view and search.

Videos and DVDs

We have many videos and DVDs, both feature and documentaries which focus on the history and treatment of children in ‘care’, click here to view and search.


Members of CLAN have appeared on radio shows promoting CLAN and attempting to increase awareness of the issues facing Care Leavers across Australia. Recordings of these shows are available, as well as self-help cassettes and music by CLAN members, click here to view and search.


All media articles help bring the plight of Care Leavers to the attention of the government and the general public. Many of our members have donated themselves through articles with major newspapers and magazines to help tell our stories, click here to view and search.

If you know of a book that might be of interest to or that will help other members, please let us know and we will try to obtain it for the library.