Mordialloc, VIC – 23/10/2023 – The Hon. Mark Dreyfus KC MP – Electorate Office

Protesting against the injustice of State sanctioned rape used for Virginity testing on young girls, then having their Redress denied.

Melbourne – 25/07/2023

Fighting for Care Leavers to get Redress for all forms of abuse and for those Care Leavers rejected by the National Redress Scheme,

Sydney – 10/11/2022 – Parliament House, Macquarie St Sydney

CLAN advocated for ALL Care Leavers in NSW who suffered neglect, abuse, no education, child labour, and the cruel separation from our families. CLAN will never give up the fight to get Justice & Redress for ALL Care Leavers.

Victoria – Aug/Sept 2022 – Victorian Parliament Sit Ins

Making our voice heard and vote count – respectful sittings prior to 26 November Victorian election.

Melbourne – 16/03/2022 – CLAN protests Care Leaves receiving ZERO Redress in Victoria

CLAN protest in Melbourne 16/03/2022

The First CLAN protest – Sydney in the Year 2000


Clan Protest Signs