Volunteers & Team

Honour Board:

Showing the names of the past Presidents, Volunteer of the Year Awards and CLAN members who have received an Order of Australia Award:


Volunteers of the Year 2020:

Brian Cherrie, Frankston VIC
For being a great supporter of our silent protests and socials

Carolyn Frawley, Cairns QLD
For coordinating the CLAN socials in Cairns and a volunteer Committee member for many years.


The CLAN Team:

Leonie Sheedy – CEO

Julie Evans – Office Manager, Bankstown

Kristen Harris – Senior Counsellor, Bankstown

Natalie Wallace – Head Counsellor, Bankstown

Louise Shaw – Counsellor

Janis Ishak – Receptionist, Sydney

Donna Berkhout – Receptionist, Bankstown

David Ishak – Web Management