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If you have any photos of Orphanages or Children's Homes, contact us!

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CLAN on ABC News: Protest Care Leaves receiving ZERO redress

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We are here to listen, hear, believe and acknowledge all Care Leavers’ experiences and to raise awareness about the abuse, neglect and trauma we suffered. Care Leavers includes people who grew up in ‘Care’ such as Orphanages, Children’s Homes, Missions and Foster Care. We advocate and campaign for justice and redress for all Care Leavers and for an independent redress scheme for all implicated.

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Read what it was like growing up in an Orphanage: “Because I Grew Up in an Orphanage” by Benjamin Perks

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Children's Home

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National Redress Scheme.

The National Redress Scheme is for Care Leavers who were sexually used in Orphanages, Children’s Homes, Missions, and Foster Care. Sadly physical, psychological and emotional abuse, child labour in laundries, farms and in orphanages are not covered by this Redress scheme. However, CLAN has always advocated for all forms of abuse and neglect to be acknowledged and those Care Leavers are equally deserving of Redress.

We are here to support and assist you in filling out your Redress application form. You can also call 1800 008 774 for further assistance.

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Congratulations to Judge #JayneJago 👏on your appointment to Aust #HighCourt

Jayne at the #RoyalCommission report handed to ⁦@TurnbullMalcolm⁩
⁦@billshortenmp⁩ 14/12/17
Helga Leonie Jayne wearing a Thankyou RC badge, JoannaPenglase,Wendy
J is PeterMcClellan wife

FrankValentine's sorry history didn't stop his promotion to a senior #Hunter #childwelfare position in the 1980s ⁦@newcastleherald⁩ Read Valentine’s crimes #Yawarra #KurriKurri
Sadly #stateward never received justice ⁦@NSWJustice⁩

Yawarra Training School For Boys - CLAN
We have been contacted by a careleaver who was in #Yawarra at #KurriKurri in NSW a NSW government Boys’Home
He is looking to reconnect with other NSW Yawarra statewards
Ring CLAN CEO 0425204747 if you have info

Sadnews Magda has died 89ys she worked in the laundry StCatherine’s #Orphanage #Geelong w Sr Paschal & both always kind to the children
Luda had a special bond with M,they kept in contact 55ys

Luda’s words “She was lovely to me,M plaited my hair &she made me feel special”

Warning ⚠️
Young boy was a Vic #StateWard & was in his records
He was in StJohn’s #Boys’Home #Canterbury Melbourne
See Question 60
⁦@ColinBrooksMP⁩ ⁦@johnerenmp⁩ ⁦@SonyaKilkenny⁩ ⁦@JacintaAllanMP⁩ ⁦
#mentalhealth⁩ #Redress