The National Redress Scheme

CLAN is here to help you, not hurt you. Let us help you with your National Redress Scheme application.

CLAN can help you with your National Redress Scheme application. Call us on 1800 008 774 or email We will always act in your best interest at all times and support you along the way.

We understand you may want to do your application yourself due to the highly personal information you may disclose. If you do want to complete your application yourself, we encourage you to send your application to CLAN to review before submitting it so we can make sure your application is as successful as possible.

You may put CLAN (Care Leavers Australasia Network) as your Redress Nominee. It is important that you inform us if you wish to do so.


The National Redress Scheme has been created in response to recommendations by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse listened to thousands of people about the abuse they experienced as children. The abuse happened in Orphanages, Children’s Homes, Schools, Churches, Sports Clubs, Hospitals, Foster Care and other child welfare institutions.

The National Redress Scheme:

  • acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions
  • recognises the suffering they endured because of this abuse
  • holds institutions accountable for this abuse, and
  • helps people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse gain access to counselling and psychological services, a direct personal response, and a redress-payment.

The National Redress Scheme involves:

  • people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse who can apply for redress.
  • the National Redress Scheme team — Commonwealth Government staff who help promote the Scheme and process applications.
  • participating Institutions that have agreed to provide redress to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse.
  • independent decision makers who will consider applications and make recommendations and conduct reviews.

For more information go to or call 1800 737 377.

Latest National Redress Update

For the latest news on the National Redress Scheme, please see the Redress Updates page by clicking here.

As of 25 February 2022, the Scheme:

  • Had received over 13,948 applications.
  • Made 8,839 decisions — including 7,611 payments, totalling over $656.6 million (m), with an average of $86,270.
  • Has made 8,435 offers for redress. Applicants have six months to consider their offer of redress.
  • 5,553 applications are currently being progressed, with 111 applications on hold because one or more institutions named in the application had not yet joined the scheme.
  • The total number of applications finalised and redress payments in Year 1 are 239 ($19.8M), 2,537 ($205.0M) in Year 2, 3,283 ($285.0M) in Year 3 of the Scheme and 1,890 ($146.8M) in Year 4 of the Scheme.
  • 40 IDMs are currently actively making decisions.

Participating Institutions

All institutions where child sexual abuse has occurred are encouraged to sign up to the Scheme as soon as possible.

Download the 2021 list of Institutions which have joined the scheme. Published 24 August 2021.

As of 10 February 2022:

  • All Commonwealth and State and Territory government institutions and 572 non-government institutions are now participating in the Scheme.
  • Approximately 70,000 sites across Australia are now covered by the Scheme.
  • To date, 63 institutions have been declared under the Funder of Last Resort (FOLR) arrangements.

For an up-to-date list of Institutions that have joined the Scheme, click here. You can also search for institutions here.

The website also includes a map where you can find institutions that have joined in via state or territory.

Where can I get support?

Other Redress support services are available to help people understand the Scheme, provide emotional support and guide people through the application process.

A list of support services is available on National Redress website.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact:


CLAN’s Submission to the Joint Standing Commission:

“Inquiry into the Oversight of the Implementation of Redress related Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse”

Lessons Learnt from redress:

Bagdonavicius, Pauline (2009), (Public Advocate Western Australia), Looking Back – Looking Forward: Lessons learnt from redress

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