Parramatta Girls’ Training School


1 Fleet Street
Parramatta NSW

Provider: NSW Government

Year Opened: 1817

Year Closed: 1974

Parramatta Girls Training Home was the name given in 1912 to the former Parramatta Girls Industrial School. It accommodated around 160 to 200 older girls at a time. The girls had been charged with crimes, or committed by welfare organisations. In 1946, after a public controversy, its name changed again to the Parramatta Girls Training School.

For further information about this Home, please refer to: Connecting Kin: Guide to Records.

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CLAN library books (where this Home is mentioned)

N 224

Childhood abuse, abandonment, maternal rejection, scandalous treatment under the guise of care in notorious juvenile institutions and life on the streets of Kings Cross are just part of the extraordinary tapestry that is the life of Australian singer and entertainer, Sharyn Crystal. The Inconvenient Child is a gritty account of Sharyn’s life, beginning as an abandoned child of mixed race, and her struggle to survive in an often hostile white society, her journey to success as a singer and her remarkable quest to find her African-American father on the other side of the world.

N 174

This is the story of a Sydney family forced to repeat the most painful lessons in its own history. Vicki griffin was described as uncontrollable from the age of twelve. She spent many months in remand centres including the notorious Parramatta Girls’ home. By thirteen she had given up school, by fourteen she was pregnant and by the age of fifteen she was a mother. Read her incredible journey full of raw honesty and emotion.

N 434

The intensely moving tale of a young girl’s experience of isolation and rejection.

Fourteen-year-old Ellen Russell runs away from home, from her nagging mother and mean stepfather, and goes and lives with her boyfriend, Robbie. Robbie is mean too, but it’s still more fun than home. Things seem better until Ellen is arrested for running away and, considered to be in ‘moral danger’, is sentenced to a period in a reform school.

Ellen, left by her mother to suffer at the Training School for Girls, soon discovers she is pregnant and for this disgrace the staff make her life even more miserable – her only escape is her dreams and writing poetry. When the baby is born it is taken away against Ellen’s will.

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By Joy Hill