Ashfield Infants Home

Ashfield Infants Home

17 Henry Street




Provider:NSW Government

Year Opened:1877

Year Closed:Present


The Infants’ Home, Ashfield was established in Henry Street, Ashfield in 1877. It was a lying-in hospital and pioneered the practice of keeping mothers and babies together after the birth, and helping mothers find work. It also cared for babies without their mothers. It stopped providing residential care in 1972, instead to deliver a range of child and family health and welfare programmes.


For further information about this Home, please refer to: Connecting Kin

Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1924 and partly state funded.
AKA The Infants’ Home, Ashfield; The Infant; Ashfield Babies Home.
Tel. 02 9799 4844 Fax 02 9799 4122

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