Library List: Western Australia





Along the Canning     WA1
Boys Town to Keaney College 1936 – 1986      


Burnbrae Presbyterian I Home, Byford WA & Benmore Presbyterian Children’s Home Caversham WA      





Castledare Junior Orphanage, Clontarf      


Clontarf Boy’s Orphanage      


Clontarf Founded 1901     WA6
Clontarf 1901-2001 Patrick Cornish   WA7
Fairbridge Farm – History     WA8
Fairbridge Farm – Tribute to the Fairbridge Pioneer – WA in the 20th century      



Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra      


Gordon Boys Cottage Homes      


Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School Pinjarra      


Longmore Detention Centre, Longmore      


Mt. Lawley Receiving Home, Mount Lawley      


Nazareth House Geraldton WA      


Padbury Boys Farm School – Stoneville WA      


Parkerville Home, Parkerville      


Salvation Army Girls’ Home, Cottlesloe      


Seaforth Boys Home     WA19
St Josephs’ Girls Orphanage, Subiaco Perth      



St. Josephs Farm & Trade School, Bindoon      


St. Josephs’ Orphanage, Leederville      



St. Josephs Orphanage, Subiaco


Richard B. Healy CFC






St. Mary’s Tardun farm School & Heritage of Parkerville Home WA





St. Vincent’s Foundling Home, Subiaco L.P. Welsh




The Christian Brothers,Castledare 1929-1979      



The Bindoon File – Boys town Bindoon 1947-1954      


Tardun Golden Jubilee 1928….1978      


Wanslea, Wanslea     WA29
100 years of caring for Children –Parkerville Children’s Home      



Parkerville Kevin Casey   WA 31
Counting The Cost Bruce Blyth   WA32
Heritage Trail Mercy Mission St Josephs Orphanage and School 1901  


Parkerville – Children and Youth Care (inc) Annual Report  





Child Migration and the Western Australian Boys’ Homes      




A Scattering of Roses June Gould Parkerville Children’s Homes WA36
Built on a Hilltop Geraldine Byrne Home of the Good Shepherd, Leederville WA37
Childhood and Society in WA Penelope Hetherington Fairbridge Farm School WA38
Enduring Struggle David Plowman Tardun Farm School WA39
Fairbridge Kid   Fairbridge Farm School WA40
Geraldton Diocese 1898-1998 Diocese of Geraldton Nazareth House WA41
Growing up with Barnardos Allan Moore   WA42
Heritage Trail Heritage Group St Vincents Foundling Home, St Josephs Orphanage for Girls, WA43
I Was Just a Number Michael O’ Rourke Castledare & Clontarf WA44
In My fathers House Ron Elphick Swanleigh WA45


Keeping in Step George Martin Ivor A Knight WA47
Miracle of Fairbridge Joan Halls Fairbridge Farm School WA48
Out of Darkness   Castledare, Clontarf & Tardun WA49
Pass the Jam Please Bonnie Hutchins-Lothian   WA50
The Orphan’s Friend Rev Brother Paul Francis Keaney Bindoon WA51
Barnando Christopher Fry   WA52
Roxanne Roxanne Holmes Fairbridge, Mt Lawley, Nyandi, Minda, Mulawa WA53
Sister Kate Vera Whittington Parkerville & Queens park Orphanages WA54
Street Kid in the City Delphine Jamet   WA55
The Barefoot Boys of Werribee Daphne Goulding, Helen Creagh, & Tom Jenkins Methodist Boys Home, Werribee WA56
The Christian Brothers Associated Schemes for the Training of Poor Boys in WA Christian Brothers Clontarf, Bindoon, Castledare & Tardun WA57
The Divided Kingdom Connie Ellement & Ron Davidson Kia Ora, Salvation Army WA58
The Fifth Estate – The Sequel Terence John McLernon Bindoon, Castledare, Clontarf, Tardun WA59
The Noisy Mansions A. Roy Peterkin Swanleigh WA60
The Scheme Barry Coldrey Christian Brothers WA61
The Story of New Norcia Benedictine Community of New Norcia St Josephs Orphanage New Norcia and St Mary’s Mission WA62
Walk On Brenda Hodge Geraldton WA63
When Innocence Trembles Kate Davies Castledare, Clontarf, Bindoon  


Various WA Homes

Salvation Army Industrial School, Salvation Army Home for Boys, St Joseph’s Girls Orphanage, Redhill Industrial School, Foundling School St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Girl’s Orphanage, St Kevin’s Industrial School, Orphanage Industrial School for Protestant Girls Swan Orphanage Industrial School for Protestant Boys, Salvation Army Home for Backward Boys, Salvation Army Home, Bridgewater Government Receiving Home for Children.

The Nazareth Connection     WA66
Pathway to Clontarf Memories     WA67
Who am I Robert Bernand Taylor   WA68
And be home before dark Roland Rocchiccioli    


Report on WA Child Welfare Department for the Year ended 30 June 1945


Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon – A historical perspective   Bindoon WA71
Broken Lives Estelle Blackburn   WA72
St Andrew’s Hostel Katanning: How the system and society failed our children The Hon. Peter Blaxcell   WA73
Mucking about – an autobiography Paul Hasluck   WA74
Folder on Salvation Army Boys and Girls Homes in Collie, WA   Salvation Army Industrial Schools, Collie WA75

Information on the Collie Region – Contains information about the Salvaiton Army Boys Home

  Salvation Army Industrial Schools, Collie WA76
Articles on Nyandi Training Centre, Bentley and Longmore Detention Centre, Longmore in Western Australia   Nyandi Training Centre and Longmore Detention Centre WA77
A rich and diverse heritage – a snapshot of Collie 1898-2010 John Bird Salvation Army Industrial Schools WA78
Journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society Volume 11, Part 2, 1996   Rottnest Island Reformatory WA79
One day in Collie H.W Wiliams   WA80
Pioneers of the Collie District N. S Coote   WA81
The Noisy Mansions – The story of Swanleigh 1868 – 1971 A. Roy Peterkin Swanleigh WA82
Wandering Girl Glenyse Ward Sisters of St John of God WA83
My Story A forgotten Australia John Walsh   WA84
Five Lives Rodney James   WA85
The Scheme Barry M Coldrey   WA86
Geordie LP Welsh   WA87
Parkerville Children’s Home Inc. 100th Anniversary 1903 – 2003     WA88
Extinguished Hope Kendra – Bell Hayes Bindoon WA89