Library List: Victoria





Abbotsford 1863-1963 Centenary    


Babies Home & ‘Orana’ Peace Memorial Homes for Children     VIC2
Ballarat Children’s Home Farm and Primary School     VIC4
The Ballarat Orphanage     VIC5
Bayswater Boys Home     VIC6
Box Hill Boys Home     VIC7
Catherine Booth Home for Girls, Sackville Street, East Kew (S/Army)     VIC8
Central Mission Melbourne Annual Reports 1930 & 1931     VIC9
Central Mission Melbourne Annual Reports 1932&1933     VIC10
Central Mission Melbourne Annual Reports 1934 & 1936     VIC11
Central Mission Melbourne Annual Reports 1937&1938     VIC12
Central Mission Melbourne Annual Reports 1939     VIC13
The Central Mission Report for 1935     VIC14
Copelen Child & Family Services as the Methodist Babies’ Home 1929-73     VIC15
Ebenezer Mission,1859-1904 near Antwerp Western Victoria     VIC16
Elizabeth Fry Retreat – 57th Annual Meeting July 30th, 1942     VIC17
Gordon Boys’ Cottage Homes     VIC18
The Gordon Homes     VIC19
The 77th Annual Report of the Gordon Homes     VIC20
Hartnett House Brunswick Banda Dagher   VIC21
The + Maternity Home     VIC22
History of Melrose Boys’ Home &Harkaway Primary School     VIC23
Homes of Hope for Destitute Children Collingwood and Ocean Grove Vic     VIC24
House of Mercy Cheltenham opened 15 June 1892     VIC25
Kildonan  Children’s Home 1937 – 1961     VIC26
“Larino” Balwyn Victoria     VIC27
The Menzies Homes for Children Inc. 131st Annual Report     VIC28
Methodist Children Homes: The Post First World War Years     VIC29
Methodist Church of Australasia Victoria and Tasmania Conference Minutes     VIC31
Methodist Homes for Children 1888-1948     VIC32
Methodist Peace Memorial Homes for Children – 1954     VIC33
Methodist Peace Memorial Homes for Children – A/Report 1954     VIC34
Notre Dame later called Our Lady of Sion Orphanage Sale Vic     VIC35
Our Lady’s Girls’ Orphanage Newtown Vic opened in 1863     VIC36


Pleasant Creek Special School Stawell No 4549 1937-1987     VIC37
Presbyterian Babies Home East Melbourne First Annual Report 1928-1929     VIC38
Salvation Army Girls’ Home, East Camberwell 1970’s     VIC39
Salvation Army Kardinia Children’s Home Belmont Vic 1947 – 1986     VIC40
St. Augustine’s and the Christian Brothers     VIC41
St. Augustine’s Orphanage – Admissions & Discharges 1857-1878 Peter Chapman


St. Augustine’s Geelong 1857-1957     VIC43
St. Catherine’s Children’s Home A/Report 1961, 64 & 65     VIC44
St. Cuthbert’s Boys’ Home Colac     VIC45
St. George’s Home for Children 1918 to 1933     VIC46
St Johns Home for Boys John Hutchinson   VIC47
St. Vincent’s Boys’ Home South Melbourne founded 1854 John Hutchinson


The Geelong Industrial Schools     VIC49
The Gordon Homes, A History and Tribute Geelong Family History Group Inc.   VIC50
The Gordon Homes, Highett 78th Annual Report 30 June 1967 Walter Gherardin


The Salvation Army Kardinia Children’s Home Belmont Vic 1947-1986     VIC52
The Way it Was – Glastonbury 1928-1995     VIC53
Tufnell Home     VIC54
Wesley 1926-1986     VIC55
William Booth Memorial Home for Girls East Camberwell      



Winlaton Youth Training Centre, Nunawading Vic      



A Century of Childcare: The Story of Ballarat Orphanage    





A Report on Aspects of Glastonbury and St. Augustine’s Homes     VIC59
Catholic Orphanages in the 1950’s & 1960’s: An Oral History P. Gilbey, B. Hope






Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff Annual report 2005 Neil McIntosh





Miscellaneous Photographs of Orphanages in Victoria      




Orphanage Education David Maundersl   VIC63
Paper Clippings on various Orphanages in Victoria David Maunders





Save the Boys: Is It Worthwhile      


Survey of Child Care in Victoria 1962-1964      


The Best of Intentions: Winlaton Youth Training Centre: 1956-1993      




The first 100 years 1851-1951: The Story of the Melbourne Orphanage Kate Gaffney






The First Hundred years 1851-1951 and the Next Decade 1951-1961 Melbourne Orphanage      





The Protective Behaviours Program Vicki Fraser




Victoria Children’s Welfare Department and Department for Reformatory Schools      




Victorian Historical Journal      


Wiseman House 1887 (Sawbridgeworth)      



A Knockabout Priest Tom Prior St Augustines & St Catherines  


A New Beginning – A History of St. Paul’s Home for Boys Newhaven Megan Sutton St Pauls Home for Boys, Newhaven  




A Refuge at Kildare Shurlee Swain Geelong Female Refuge & Bethany Babies Home  


A Tea Merchant’s Vision & Beyond – A History of the Burwood Boys’ Home Ken Masterton Burwood Boys Home VIC77
After the Orphanage Suellen Murray/John Murphy/Elizabeth Branigan/Jenny Malone Bethany Babies Home, St Augustine’s, St Catherine’s, St Vincent De Paul Boys & Girls Orphanages South Melbourne, Good Shepherd Convent, Tally Ho, Salvation Army Children’s Home North Carlton, St Josephs Babies Home Broadmeadows, St Josephs Foundling Hospital Geelong, St Josephs Home for Boys Surrey Hills, St Josephs Home Abbotsford, St Mary’s Home Abbotsford, St Mary’s Hostel Geelong, St Vincents Hostel South Melbourne. VIC78
All God’s Children Renate Howe & Shurlee Swain Methodist Homes for Children and Orana Peace Memorial Homes VIC79
Along the Way Maureen Flanagan St Josephs Broadmeadows & St Catherine’s Geelong VIC80
An Orphans Escape Frank Golding Ballarat Orphan Asylum VIC81
Andrew Olle: A Tribute 1947-1995 Annette Olle & Paul Lyneham    


Annie’s Coming Out Rosemary Crossley & Anne McDonald St Nicholas Hospital VIC83
At A Cost Roy McFayden St Ignatius, St Anthony’s Kew, St Josephs Surrey Hills VIC84
Ballarat Children’s Home Farm & Primary School   Ballarat Children’s Orphanage VIC85

Behind and Beyond the Brick Walls


Bob Golding


Ballarat Orphanage

Berry Street Foundling Home Cookery Book   Berry St Foundling Home VIC87
Bethany serving the community – A Social History 1977-2007 Susan Kruss Bethany Babies Home VIC88
Better off in a Home Bill Smith Kildonan Burwood, Kilmany Park House Sale VIC89
Billylids and ‘Home Kids’ Joanne Monk & Gina O’Donoghue St Agnes’ Girls Home, St Nicholas’ Boys Home, The Andrew Kerr Memorial Home, St Luke’s Toddlers Home, St Gabriel’s Babies Home, St Paul’s Training School, Kedesh VIC90
Bonds of Care (Elizabeth Fry retreat) Betty malone Elizabeth Fry Retreat, South Yarra VIC91
Broadway and Beyond (Sacred Heart Oakleigh) Pearl Wilson Good Shepherd Convent Oakleigh VIC93
Bye Bye Charlie Corinne manning Kew Cottages VIC94
Charlie The Ratbag Orphan Charlie Walker St Josephs Babies Home Broadmeadows, St Anthony’s Home Kew, St Josephs Boys Home Surrey Hills, St Augustines Orphanage Geelong VIC95
Children’s Court of Victoria & The Victorian Children’s Court Clinic     VIC96
Children Who Need Help Leonard Tierney Pg 123 lists 38 Orphanages/Homes consulted in writing the book VIC97
Dancing through the Shadows Peter Huggett St Johns Home for boys Canterbury, St James Oakleigh, Methodist Babies Home South Yarra VIC98
Delinquent Angel Dianne Georgeff The Haven, Kilmany Park, Menzies Boys Home, Turana, St Johns Canterbury, Tally Ho VIC99
Doorways John Holton St Lukes Toddlers Home VIC100
Friends and Brothers John Handfield   VIC101

Glimpses of the Past


Iliya Bircanin & Alex Short


Mont Park, Larundel, Plenty

Going Forward in Faith Catherine Waterhouse Elizabeth Fry Retreat, Toddlers Home Brunswick (Hartnett House) VIC103
Growing Up in Richmond Morag Loh Antonian I Home VIC104
Happy Children In your Home Ministering Children’s League Cottage by the Sea VIC105
Harkaway Primary School –Origins to 1975 Jennifer Boyer Harkaway Primary School VIC106
Holding onto Hope Jill Barnard & Karen Twigg St Vincent de Paul Orphanage Sth Melbourne, St Augustine’s Orphanage, Newtown, St Vincent De Paul Girls Orphanage, St Melbourne, Our Lady’s Orphanage Newtown, St Josephs Home for Destitute Children Sth Melbourne, St Josephs Foundling Hospital Broadmeadows, St Josephs Receiving Home Carlton, St Anthony’s Home for Little Children Kew, St Catherine’s Highton. VIC107
In Moral Danger Barbara Biggs Good Shepherd Convent (VIC & QLD)  


In the Shadow of  a Legend Patrick Wheatley-Kenyon St Josephs Convent Surrey Hills & St Augustine’s Geelong  



It All Turns out for the Better Douglas Coverdale Tally Ho Boys Home  


I’ve Been Bloody Lucky’ The story of Orphan Jimmy Butt Felicity Dargan Royal Park Depot  



Kew Cottages: The World of Dolly Stainer Cliff Judge and Fran van Brummelen Kew Cottages  


Kildonan Marjorie Robinson Kildonan Presbyterian Children’s Home  


Letting in the Light Alec Einar Pratt   VIC114
Life Lines Robyn Hollander and Margaret Jacobs (eds) St Vincent De Paul Orphanage & St Catherines Geelong  



Littlie & Fattie Robert Pearson Gordon boys Home VIC116
Looking Back Looking Forward Beryl Penwill Berry Street Foundling Home  



Medical Lectures on Mothercraft


D.M. Embleton & A.B. McCutcheon


Methodist Babies Home




Methodist Church Vic and Tas Conference Minutes 1973 Methodist Church of Australasia    



One Hundred Brothers Joseph A Marlow OAM Ballarat Orphanage  


One thousand White Onions Shirley Davies Menzies Home for Boys, Frankston  


Orphanage Boy Ryszard Szablicki St Josephs Foundling, St Nicholas Orphanage Essendon, St Anthony’s Kew, St Josephs Surrey Hills, St Vincent De Paul Boys Orphanage South Melbourne VIC122
Outside The Law Ed. Linda Cameron Contains a Chapter by Vikki Petraitis concerning Rod Braybon’s time in Bayswater Boys Home. VIC123
Oz Child Rev. John Taylor Melbourne Orphan Asylum VIC124
Path to Progress 1854-1978 St. Vincent De Paul   St Vincent de Paul’s Orphanage for Boys’ and Girls’, St Vincent de Paul’s Girls’ Orphanage, St Vincent de Paul’s Boys’ Orphanage, St Vincent de Paul’s Children’s Home and St Vincent de Paul’s Blackrock VIC125
Pitch your Tents on Distant Shores Catherine Kovesi Convents of the Good Shepherd, St Aidan’s Orphanage, St James Oakleigh, St Josephs Orphanage Abbotsford. VIC126
Poverty Abounding Charity Aplenty R.A. Cage Royal park Depot, Benevolent Asylum VIC127
Scarred for life Paul Marshall Baltara VIC128
Selina’s Legacy Della Hilton Parkville Home, Kildonan Home, Kilmany Park Boys Farm Home, Tally Ho Boys Home, Swinburne House Blackrock VIC129
Set Free Jan Jones Good Shepherd Abbotsford VIC130
Shadows of Childhood Ray Wilich The author is the superintendent of Allambie VIC131


Shelter for the Children – A history of St. Vincent De Paul Child and Family Service 1854-1997






Karen Twigg




St Vincent De Paul’s Girls and Boys Orphanage


Sins of the Mothers Donna Davis with Amy Willesee St Josephs Foundling Home Broadmeadows, St Aidan’s Bendigo, Nazareth House Ballarat, Oakleigh Chadstone, Winlaton VIC133


Smoky Dawson A Life Herbert Henry Dawson St Vincent De Paul Orphanage, South Melbourne VIC134
Society of St Vincent De Paul Elizabeth Mary Bond Emerald Hill Orphanage, St Joseph’s Receiving Centre, St Joseph’s Home for Destitute Children VIC135
St. Augustine’s and the Christian Brothers Peter Chapman St Augustine’s Boys Orphanage, Highton VIC136
The Challenge of the City (History of Wesley Central Mission) Renate Howe & Shurlee Swain Tally Ho Boy’s Home VIC138
The collected works (so far) of Sue Henthorn Sue Henthorn Sue was in Ballarat Orphanage VIC139
The Early Years William Michael Collins St Joseph’s Home Surrey Hills VIC140
The Envelope Maurice Wills   VIC141
The Geelong Industrial Schools Geelong Family The Geelong Industrial School  


The Gordon Homes Walter Gherardin The Gordon Homes VIC143
The Grey People D.W. Menzies Tally Ho, Langi Kal Kal VIC144
The Insiders Ivan Durrant Melbourne orphanage VIC145
The Invisible Children Bob Golding Ballarat Orphanage VIC146
The Man they couldn’t Break William John O’Meally   VIC147
The Road Home Barbara Biggs Good Shepherd Convent (VIC & QLD) VIC148
The Sutherland Story Nancy Groll Sutherland Home, Parkville VIC149
The Troubled Ones Ray Willich Allambie, Baltara, Winlaton VIC150
The Unbroken Spirit Margaret Shileds Glastonbury Orphanage VIC151
The Wheel of Time Sister M. Ignatius St Catherines Girls Orphanage, St Vincent De Paul Children’s Home & St Vincent De Paul Girls Orphanage VIC152
Unseen, Unheard, Unknown Sarah Hamilton-Byrne Allambie VIC153
Victorian Historical Journal   Article about Geelong Industrial Schools VIC154
Victorias Children   Melbourne Orphanage VIC155
What a Life Jeff Patterson Morning Star Boys Home, Tally Ho Boys Home VIC156
Youth in fellowship and Service Presbyterian fellowship of Australia in Victoria   VIC157
Out of Darkness – Into the Light    

H L Smith

Dussa and The Maiden’s Prayer    

Walter Jacobsen

Salvation   Vikki Petraitis VIC160
Pietro’s Daughter   Trish Francese-Hunt VIC161
Morningstar Reformatory    




Ballarat Children’s Home 107th Annual Report 1972    


Albion Street Maternity and Toddlers Home Brunswick     VIC164
Brighton Beach Primay School No.2048 Centenary 1878-1978     VIC165
Ballarat and Its Benevolent Asylum A Nineteenth-Century Model of Christian Duty, Civic Progress and Social Reform  


Helen W Kinloch

Hiagiohgiogh     VIC167
Stories From A Twentieth Century Life    


Nancy McDonald

Salvation Army Box Hill Boy’s Home and Lyndon Lodge, Auburn     VIC169
Tally Ho Some Personal Stories fromTally Ho Boys   VIC170
The Abbotsford Mysteries Patricia Sykes   VIC171
The Victorian Historical Magazine Royal Historical Society of Victoria   VIC172
Hospitals and Charities Commission Annual Report 1956 Victorian Government   VIC173
Is It Safe to Adopt A Baby – A social study E Oswald Barnett M.Com   VIC174
Advancing this good work –  A history of Glastonbury Child and Family Services Donella Jaggas, B.A (Hons) MA   VIC175
Echoes from St Augustine’s Orphanage – Geelong     VIC176
For the Love of Children – My Life and Medical Career David Buxton Pitt   VIC177
Twenty Years as a Police Surgeon Dr J.H. Birrell OAM, ISO, MB, BS, FAMA, LLD   VIC178
Ombudsman Victoria Annual Report 2010 Part II     VIC179
Copelen Street Family Services Established 1929     VIC180
Pictures and Paper Clippings – Ballarat Orphanage     VIC181
Suffer the Little Children   Orana Family Home VIC182
Victorian Government Response to the Forgotten Australians Report Recommendations Victorian Government September 2009 VIC183
Nuggets or Nothing Information on Clifden Children’s Home   VIC184
Let Them Be Admitted J. W Jacobs About the Freemasons Home VIC185
Kilmany Park Boys Home 1923-1977     VIC186
Brief history of the Melbourne Orphan Asylum   Melbourne Orphan Asylum VIC187
A victim’s guide to support services and the criminal justice system     VIC188
Doug’s Story – The struggle for a fair go Katie Cincotta Douglas was sent to Ballarat Orphanage, Turana, Stawell Special School (also known as Pleasant Creek Special School), Sandhurst Boys Home – Bendigo, Sunbury Training Centre,


St Augustine’s and the Christian Brothers Peter Chapman   VIC190
Neglected or Criminal? Joan Brogden Sunbury Industrial School VIC191
Neglected or Criminal? Vol 2 Joan Brogden Sunbury Industrial School VIC192
This is a book of poems that I wrote Keith Broadbent   VIC193
Northcote Farm School   Northcote VIC194
Clarendon Children’s Home Historical Articles   Clarendon Children’s Home VIC195
Southern Soup, Soap, Salvation Lt Colonel John C Kirkham   VIC196
Arresting women Colleen woolley   VIC197
Victorian Ombudsman – Investigation into the storage and management of ward records by the Department of Human Services March 2012     VIC198
The reply Maurice Wills Melbourne Orphanage VIC199
The prison on the bay  – Victorian Training Ship John Murray   John Murray Ship VIC200
Ryrie Street Orphanage – Referred to as the Geelong Industrial School   Geelong Industrial School VIC201
St Augustines Boys Home Geelong Paul Richardsand Chris Van Alphen St Augustines VIC202
Geelong and Western District Protestant Orphanage Maintenance Records   St Augsutines, Geelong Industrial School VIC203
Report of Juvenile Delinquency Advisory Committee to Hon. A. G. Rylah M.L.A     VIC204
Elizabeth Fry Retreat – includes some pictures and Bonds of Care by Betty Malone   Elizabeth Fry Retreat VIC205
Sisters of Our Lady of Sion Centenary – 1890-1900   Our Lady of Sion VIC206
Brief history on Geelong Orphanages



  2.               Kardinia Children’s Home

3.               St Catherine’s Orphanage

4.               Glastonbury Children’s Home

St Augustine’s

The old Melbourne Gaol 1841     VIC208
History of St Catherine’s Children’s Home   St Catherine VIC209
Getting the acts together: An analysis of attempts to reform child protective legislation in Victoria – 1978-83     VIC210


Whistleblowers Protection Act – 2001 – Investigation into allegations of detrimental action involving Victorian Police Victorian Ombudsman   VIC211
SafeStreets Documents – Investigation into Victoria Police’s handling of a Freedom of Information request Victorian Ombudsman   VIC212
Investigation into prisoner access to health care Victorian Ombudsman   VIC213
Annual Report 2011 Part 1 Victorian Ombudsman   VIC214
Children’s Welfare Department and Department for Reformatory Schools – Report of the Secretary for the year 1953     VIC215
Victorian Ombudsman Annual Report 2012 Part 1     VIC216
Victorian Ombudsman Annual Report 2012 Part 2     VIC217
Youth Calls – The Gordon Boys Home Vol. 2, No. 6, April/May 1962   The Gordon Boys Institute, Highett VIC218
A secure safeguard of the children’s morals Jill Barnard   VIC219
 The Re-Discovery of the Ballarat Orphanage’s Arthur Kenny Avenue Commemorative Booklet   Ballarat Orphanage VIC220
Report on the future of social welfare in Victoria  – 1978     VIC221
Historical articles sourced from the Geelong Heritage Centre   Articles from Bethany Babies Home, Geelong Protestant Orphanage (Glastonbury Children’s Home), Kardinia Children’s Home, St Augustines Orphanage and St Catherine’s Orphanage VIC222
A guide to charity and to the philanthropic work of VIC     VIC223
Ned and the others Dagmar Balcarek and Gary Dean   VIC224
Anglican Mission to Streets and Lanes Outline History   Anglican Mission to Streets and Lanes VIC225
Burwood Boys’ Home Commemorative Newsletter and History   Burwood Boys Home VIC226
Methodist Homes for Children Information   Methodist Home for Children, Cheltenham VIC227
A brief history of the Bexley site   Salvation Army Boys Home Bexley North VIC228
A bucket full of berries – Reflections   Salvation Army Box Hill Boys Home ( VIC229
Neglected children and reformatory schools report – 1897   C onvent of the Good Shepherd (akleigh) , Excelsior Boys Home , Royal Park Depot and The Try Society VIC230
Geelong Community Chest donating funds   Bethany Babies Home, St Catherines Girls Home, St Augustines Boys Home and Glastonbury Orphanage VIC231
83rd Annual Report of the Menzies Homes for Boys 1947-1948   Menzies Boys Home VIC232
Eightieth Annual Report 1944-1945 and Memorial Tribute to James Menzies   Menzies Boys Home VIC233
69th Annual Report – 1933-1934   Minton Boys Home VIC234
75th Annual Report – 1939-1940   Minton Boys Home VIC235
76th Annual Report of the Minton Boys Home – 1940-1941


  Minton Boys Home VIC236
The First Two Years of the Geelong Orphan Asylum and the social conditions relating to its establishment   Geelong Orphan Asylum VIC237
Northcote: Our Heritage NOT TO BE BORROWED Northcote Children’s Home VIC238
Staunch – Ward of the State Ginger Briggs   VIC239
Unnatural Habits Kerry Greenwood   VIC240
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind – annual report 1953-1954     VIC241
Charity Wefare The charity organisation society in Colonial Melbourne Richard Kennedy   VIC242
All GOD’S Children Renate Howe & Shurlee Swain Orana VIC243
SHELTER – An Oral History of Marjorie Oke Rooming House for Women Rhonda Wilson   VIC244
Asylum to Action – A history of services & Policy development for families in times of vulnerability Donella Jaggs   VIC245
Sins of the Mothers – A Memoir of Abandonment, Love & Redemption. Donna Davis   VIC246
Carry on VIC 1965 Welfare Centre   VIC247
Carry on VIC 1967 Welfare Centre   VIC248


Carry on VIC 1969 Welfare Centre   VIC249
Carry on VIC 1966 Welfare Centre   VIC250


Tough 101 Australian Gangsters John Silvester – Andrew Rule   VIC251
Behind Closed Doors Katherine X-Sue Smethurst   VIC252
Father Bob the Larrikin Priest By Sue Williams   VIC253
Defying the Gatekeeper Margaret Spivey   VIC254
St. Catherine’s Children’s Home Highton, Geelong Eric L Myers   VIC255
For Whom the Trail is Steep (Tally Ho)   Tally HO VIC256
Angel of the Prisons – The Story of Elizabeth Fry Cecil Northcott   VIC257
Menzies Homes for Children – 99th Annual Report, 30th June 1964   Menzies Homes for Children VIC258


109th Annual Report of the Menzies Home for Children, 1974   Menzies Homes for Children VIC259
Industrial Schools – Reports and Correspondence Relative to Industrial Schoosl 1886     VIC260
Kildonan – Closer, bolder, stronger   Kildonan VIC261
Hell on the Way to Heaven Chrissie Foster with Paul Kennedy Catholic Church VIC262
Mental Hygiene VIC 1900’s Travancore 1925-1955   Travancore VIC263
VIC State Ward Cards VIC Government   VIC264
Winlaton – VIC Gov. Gazettes 1964   Winlaton VIC265
Report of the Board of Inquiry into Allegations against Members of the Victoria Police Force 1978   Police VIC266
Whose Care and Protection? Community Services VIC   VIC267
A Mercy Way of Life Colac 1888-1988 Mary Francis Larkins RSM   VIC268
Melbourne Orphanange Annual Reports 1949 – 1950     VIC269
Cardinal Louise Milligan The Rise and Fall of George Pell VIC270
Burwood Boys Kay Edwards Burwood Boys VIC271
Beyond the Orphanange Years Ryszard Szablicki   VIC272
Sunday Best Robbi Neal A Memoir VIC273