Library List: USA




Borrowed Finery Paula Fox USA2
Children of Hope Elsie E. Vignec USA3
Girlbomb – A Halfway Homeless Memoir Janice Erlbaum  


Home Richard McKenzie USA5
Life is so good George Dawson & Richard Glaubman USA6
Mommie Whats an orphan Harry Edward Hicks USA7
In the Belly of the Beast – Letters from Prison Jack Henry Abbott  


Nobody’s Child Marie Balter & Richard Katz USA9
Orphan Roger Dean Kiser, Sr. USA10
Sleepers Lorenzo Carcaterra USA11
The Color of water James McBride USA12
They Cage animals at night Jennings Michael Burch USA13
The Jury is Still Out Irwin Davidson & Richard Gehman USA14
Why she left us Rahna Reiko Rizzuto USA15
Outside Passage Julia Scully USA16
Not The Thing I was Stephen Eliot USA17
Satchmo Louis Armstrong USA18
Malcolm X Speaks Edited with prefatory note by George Breitman USA19
Louise Armstrong and the Jazz Age Dan Elish USA20
A boy from C-11 Case # 9164 A memoir by Harvey Ronglien USA21
Crackers and Milk Arlene Nelson USA22
While the locust slept Peter Razor USA23
In God’s House Ray Mouton USA24
Happy Baby Stephen Elliot USA25
The Women Who Raised Me Victoria Rowell USA26
Breakneck Erica Spindler USA27
In God’s House Ray Moulton USA28
Myrtle Filmore – Mother of Unity Thomas E Witherspoon USA29
If I Knew Then Amy Fisher and Robbie Woliver USA30
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter Kim Edwards USA31