Library List: Self Help




365 ways to do less, have more, and feel good Pamela Allardice SH1
Don’t sweat the small stuff Richard Carlston SH2
Don’t sweat to small stuff for women Kristina Carlston SH3
60 Ways to Heal your Life Lynda Fields SH4
Emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman SH5
A Book of Forgiveness Dr R Brasch SH6
A Circle Unbroken Hugh Crago SH7
A Conscious Person’s Guide to Relationships Ken Keyes, Jr with Penny Keyes SH8
A Fresh Start Leonard Felder Ph.D SH9
A Glimmer of Hope Simone Lawson SH10
A Hand Up not a Hand Out David Butler SH11
“A Helping Hand with Life” Breaking the
Cycle of Self-sabotage and Learning the Language of Positive Living
Cynthia J Morton SH12
A Visible Wound Julie Friedeberger SH13
“Absolute Happiness” The Way to a
Life of Complete Fulfillment
Michael Rowland SH14
All I Really Need to Know I Learnt in Kindergarten Robert Fulghum SH15
Allies in Healing Laura Davies SH16
Angels are Real Michael Francis Bray SH17
“Am I Normal” Your Personal Guide
to Understanding Yourself and Others
Sid Cromier SH18
Appetites Geneen Roth SH19
Assertiveness in a Week Dena Mchelli SH20
Attitude Elwood N Chapman SH21
Australian Stories for the Soul David & Rachel Dixon SH22
“Basic Social Skills for Youth” A handbook from Boys Town Boys Town Press SH23
“Be Bold” And discover the power of praise Susan Mitchell SH24
Beating the Blues Susan Tanner and
Jillian Ball
“Beating the Blues” A guide to avoiding and lifting depression Xandria Williams SH26
“Becoming Your Own Parent” The solutions for adult children of alcoholic and other dysfunctional families



Dennis Wholey SH27
“Being Happy” A Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security Andrew Mathews SH28
“Below the Surface” Reflections on Life and Living Ann Spencer Parry
and Marjorie Pizer
Beyond Codependency Melody Beattie SH30
“Beyond Closed Doors” Growing Beyond an Abused Childhood John Andrews SH31
“Breaking Down the Walls of Silence” Liberating Experience of Facing Painful Truth Alice Miller SH32
Breaking up Without Cracking Up Christopher Compston SH33
Breaking the Bonds – Understanding Depression, Finding Freedom Dorothy Rowe SH34
Bradshaw on: The Family A revolutionary Way of Self-Discovery John Bradshaw SH35
“Calm at Work” Breeze Through your Day Feeling Calm, Relaxed, and in Control Paul Wilson SH36
“Change Your Thinking” Positive and Practical Ways to Overcome Stress, Negative Emotions and Self-defeating Behaviour Sarah Edelman, PhD SH37
Child Care Aide Skills Flora Stabler Conger & Irene B Rose SH38
Children of the Self-Absorbed – A grownup’s Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents   SH39
Cinderella Revisited – How to Survive Your Stepfamily Without a Fairy Godmother Dr Peter Marshall SH40
Confessions of a Grieving Christian Zig Ziglar SH41
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies Rob Willson & Rhena Branch SH42
Collective Narrative Practice David Denborough SH43

“Coming Back” Rebuilding Lives After Crisis



Ann Kaiserstearns

Coming Back – Through Relaxation and Meditation Dr Robert W Howard SH45
Coping and Adapting   SH46
Coping with Depression Myra Chave-Jones SH47
Coping with Difficult People Robert M Bramson Ph.d SH48
Coping with Grief Based on the ABC series SH49
Coping with stress Dr Bob Montgomery SH50
“Cutting more Ties that Bind” Letting go of Fear, Anger, Guilt and Jealousy so we can Educate our Children and Change Ourselves Phyllis Krystal SH51
Cutting the Ties that Bind – Growing up and Moving On Phyllis Krystal SH52
Choice Years Judith Page & Pamela Gordon SH53
Dare to Connect Susan Jeffers SH54
Dealing with Difficult People Roberta Cava SH55
Developing Minds Michael Rutter SH56
Developing Self Esteem – A positive guide for personal success Connie Palladino Ph.D SH57
Dibs – In Search of Self Virginia Axline SH58
“Different like me” A book for teenagers who worry about their parents’ use of alcohol and drugs Evelyn Leite and
Pamela Espeland
Echoes of the Early Tides – A Healing Journey Tony Moore SH60
Emergence Collaboration of Authors SH61
Emotional Blackmail Dr Suzanne Forward SH62
Enough Patricia Hughes SH63
Even in the Best of Homes – Violence in the Family Jocelynne Scutt SH64
Everyone Can Win Cornelius & Faire SH65
Faith, Hope, Love & Laughter – How They Heal Paul Kraus SH66
Facing Codependence – What Is It. Where it Comes From. How it Sabotages Our Lives J. Keith Miller SH67
Family Ties that Bind Dr. Ronald W. Richardson SH68
Farewell to Fear James Sherman SH69
Fasting Track to Failure Gareth Harvey SH70
“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” How to Turn your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action Susan Jeffers SH71

“Finding Your Way Home-A Soul Survivor Kit” Tools for Discovering Your Emotional and Spiritual Power




Melogy Beattie



Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love – Finding True Value in Your Life Stephanie Dowrick SH73
“Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves” D. Stoop SH74
Freedom from Clutter Don Aslett SH75
“Fresh Start” How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage and Enjoy Your Life. Leonard Felder Ph.D SH76
Get a Life Brian Houston SH77
Getting it Right Sharon Geden with Clair Carmichael SH78
Getting a Grip on TIME Robin Pearce SH79
Getting Well Again O. Carl & Stephanie Matthews Simonton & James Creighton SH80
Grieving the Loss of a Loved One” A Devotional Companion Kathe Wunnenberg SH81
Growing Beyond Emotional Pain Dr. John Preston SH82
Growing up Sad Leon Ctyryn M.D., Donald McKnew M.D.   **** SH83
Hand Me Down Genes and Second Hand Emotions Stephen Arterburn SH84
“Healing an Angry Heart” Finding Solace in a Hostile World Bill Chickering, Cardwell C. Nuckols, SH85
Healing  Life’s Hurts Michael Hardiman SH86
“Healing the Past” Getting On With Your Life Arian Sarris SH87
“Healing Your Aloneness” Finding Love and Wholeness Through Your Inner Child Erica J. Chopich, Margaret Paul SH88
Help Yourself Dave Pelzer SH89
“Home coming”- Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child John Bradshaw SH90
Honouring the Self Nathaniel Branden SH91
Hope for Healing Rea Macdonell/Rachael Callahan SH92
Home is Where We Start From D.W. Winnicott SH93
How can I help? Ram Dass and Paul Gorman SH94
How Could You –Mothers with Custody of their Children Harriet Edwards SH95
How to Build High Self-Esteem – A Practical Guide For Your Personal Growth   SH96

How to Communicate Effectively


Ren Lexender Ph.D

How to Get What you Want Sidney N. Bremer SH98
How to Help a Heartbroken Friend David Biebel SH99
How to Survive in Spite of your Parents Dr M Reinhold SH101
I Could do Anything If Only I knew What It Was – How to Discover What you Really Want and how to get it Barbara Sher with Barbara Smith SH102
“I hate you. Don’t Leave Me” Understanding the Borderline Personality Jerold J. Kreisman MD, & Hal Straus SH103
“In stillness Conquer Fear” Fear and Agrophobia Pauline McKinnon SH104
“Journey into Healing” Awakening the Wisdom Within You Deepak Chopra SH105
Keep Life Simple Linus Mundy SH106
Keeping in Step George V Martin SH107
Know Your Strengths and Be Confident Iris Barrow SH108
“Learning to Love Yourself” Finding your Self-worth Sharon Wgscheider-Cruse SH109
“Life Preserves” Good Advice When you Need it Most Harriet Lerner SH110
“Like Yourself and Others Will too Abraham J Twerski. MD SH111
Gaihghiaghi   SH112
Looking Inwards Peter A O’Connor SH113
Love is the Answer Gerald G Jampolsky,MD & Diane V Cirincione SH114
Love is Never Enough Aaron T. Beck SH115
Love Your Body Louise Hay SH116
Making Sense of Suffering J Konrad Stettbacher SH117
Managing Yourself and Others Dr. Phil Jauncey SH118
Men who Hate Women and the Women who Love them – When Loving Hurts and you don’t Know why Dr Susan Forward & Joan Torres SH119
Mirrors Windows and Doors Ruth Frances SH120
Moments of Truth Perri Atkins SH121
“More Positive Thinking” How to Create a Better Future for Yourself Vera Peiffer SH122
My Son….My Son – A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss or Suicide Iris Bolton SH123

“No Time for Goodbyes” Coping with Sorrow, Anger and Injustice After a Tragic Death





Janice Harris Lord

“Nothing Wrong” Self Care for Those who Have Been Abused or who Abuse Substances The Bouyancy Foundation of Australia SH125
Now Discover your strengths Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton SH126
Nurturing Yourself and Others – Learn How to Fill Your Life With Happiness Lee Schnebly, M.ED SH127
Out of the Blues Zita Annette Weber SH128
Our Father who Art in a Tree Judy Pascoe SH129
“Parents in Pain” Help and Hope for Troubled Families John White SH130
Passages Gail Sheehy SH131
“Paths of Life” Seven Scenarios Alice Miller SH132
People Skills – How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others and Resolve Conflicts Robert Bolton PhD SH133
Practical Tips for Carers Gail Mackenzie & Sue Preston SH134
Practicing the Power of Now Eckhart Tolle SH135
Public Speaking Vivian Summers SH136
“Putting Together the Pieces” Recovering and Rebuilding Life After Trauma Francis Day SH137
Rage Helen Robinson SH138
Really Relating – How to Build and Enduring Relationship David Jansen, Margaret Newman with Claire Carmichael SH139
Remember I love You Charlie W Shedd SH140
Residential Treatment-A Tapestry of Many Therapies Vera Fahlberg SH141
Resolving Conflict Dr Gregory Tillett SH142
Self-esteem-Tools for Recovery Hall & Cohn SH143
Self- Esteem and your Child A Lawrence SH144
Self-help for Your Nerves Dr Claire Weekes SH145
Self-Helpless Morris Gleitzman SH146
Self-Therapy – A Guide to Becoming your Own Therapist Janette Rainwater SH147
Set Yourself Free Shirley Smith Ph.D SH148
“Sharing the Load” What to do When Someone you Love is Depressed Gwendoline Smith SH149
Shortcuts to Making Hard Choices Gael Lindenfield SH150
Six Pillars of Self-esteem Nathaniel Branden SH151
“So you have to go to Court” A Resource Kit and Video for People with Cognitive Disabilities Attorney General’s
Department of NSW
“Social Skills in Prison and the Community” Problem-solving for Offenders Phillip Priestley, James McGuire, David Flegg, Valerie Hemsley, David Welham, Rosemary Barnitt SH153
“Sometimes Hearts have to Break” Inspirational Journeys to Healing & Peace Petrea King SH154
Smart Aging – Taking Charge of your Physical and Emotional Health Harriet Hodgson SH155
Stop walking on eggshells Paul Mason & Randi Kreger SH156
“Still Doing” Twelve Men Talk About Aging Tina Koch, Merilyn Annels and Marina Brown SH157
Struggle for Intimacy J Woltitz SH158
Taking Care of Me Mary kay Mueller SH159
“Talking to Yourself-Hearing the Language of Self-Support Pamela E Butler SH160
“Telephone Counselling” Gordon Hambly SH161
“The Art of Talking so that People will Listen” Getting Through to Family, Friends and Business Associates Paul W Swets SH162
The Art of Talking to Anyone Rosalie Maggio SH163
“The Broken Heart” The Medical Consequences of Loneliness James J Lynch SH164
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield SH165
The Colour of Hope Susan Madison SH166
The Contented Achiever Don Hutson, Chris Crouch & George Lucas SH167
“The Courage to Grieve” Creative Living, Recovery and Growth Through Grief Judy Tatelbaum SH168
“The Courage to Heal” A Guide to Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Ellen Base & Laura Davis SH169
The Creative Communicator Marea Stenmark SH170
The Dance of Anger Harriet G Lerner SH171
“The Dance of Deception” Pretending and Truth-Telling in Women’s Lives Harriet G Lerner SH172
The Journey from Abandonment to Healing Susan Anderson SH173
The Leader In You Dale Carnegie SH174
The Life you Were Born to Live Dan Millman SH175


“The Making of Love” – The Nuts, Bolts and Roses of Staying in Love as a Couple ….Even After Kids





Steve Biddulph &

Sharon Biddulph

The Magical Child Within You Bruce Davis Ph.D SH177
The Needs of Children – How Well Do We Understand Children?  How Can we Help Them Through Understanding to Help Themselves Mia Kellmer Pringle SH178
The Path of Least Resistance Robert Fritz SH179
The Portable Therapist Susanna McMahon Ph.D SH180
The Power is Within You Louise Hay SH181
The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle SH182
The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Pede SH183
The Rights Stuff NSW Ombudsman SH184
The Rules of Life Richard Templar SH185
The Sacred Balance David Suzuki SH186
The Sacred Fire – Love is a Spiritual Path Henry James Borys SH187
The Secret of Happy Children Steve Bid SH188
The Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse Albert Ellia, Marcia Grad Powers SH189
The Self-esteem Repair and Maintenance Manual David Brooks and Rex K Dalby SH190
The Silver Years – Practical Advice for a Rewarding Later Life Ainslie Meares SH191
The Sleep Solution Nigel Ball & Nick Hough SH192
The Survivor Personality Patsy Westcott SH193
The Teenagers Guide to Part Time Jobs Samantha Koch & David Koch SH194
The Truth will set you Free Alice Miller SH195
The You can do it Patricia C Bernard & Michel C Bernard SH196
This Time is Mine The woman’s back to work handbook SH197
Toxic Parents – Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life Susan Forward PD.D with Craig Buck SH198
Turning Yourself Around Kendall Johnson Ph.D SH199
Victim to Survivor Michael Tunnecliffe & Peter Blurton SH200
Wanting Everything – The Art of Happiness Dorothy Rowe SH201
“What your Friend didn’t know and your Counsellor Avoided” Growth through grieving Paul Denny SH202
What do you Say After you Say Hello? Eric Berne M.D. SH203
When Eating is Everything Robert Adamson SH204

“When Food is Love” Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy


Geneen Roth

When I loved myself enough Kim McMillen w/Alison McMillen SH206
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty” Manual J Smith SH207
“When I’m 64” Whatever Your Age, Make Your Later Life What You Want It to Be Glen Sorensen SH208
When to say Goodbye to your Therapist Catherine Johnson, PhD SH209
“When Your Lover Leaves You” Six Stages to Recovery and Growth Richard G Whiteside, MSW and Frances E Steinberg, Phd SH210
Who’s Pulling your Strings Lois Proto SH211
“Why Am I Crying?” A Helpful & Honest Look at Depression M Maughon  



Why Be Lonely Edward E Ford & Robert L. Zorn SH213
Why Can’t I Fall in Love? Shmuley Boteach SH214
Why Things Go Wrong Dr Laurence J. Peter SH215
With a Little Help Dr Deboray Saltman SH216
“Women, Sex and  Addiction” A Search for Love and Power Charlotte David Kasi SH217
You Can Do It Paul Hanna SH218
You Can Heal Your Life Louise L Hay SH219
“You Can’t Say That to Me” Stopping the pain of verbal abuse – an 8 step program Suzette Haden Elgin, Phd SH220
You Can be Happy no Matter What Richard Carlson Ph.D SH221
“You Must Give in to Win” Alcoholics and Their Families on the Road to Recovery Eric Gaudry SH222
You’ve Got What it Takes Wesley Harris SH223
“Your Four Point Plan for Life” How to Achieve a Balance Between the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Aspects of Ourselves Ursula Markham SH224
“Your Future Starts Now” A Guide for the Over 50’s The Benevolent Society SH225
The Life Audit Caroline Righton SH226
When Eating is Everything Jillian Ball, Phyllis Butow, Fiona Place SH227
Claim Your Inner Grown-Up Ashley David Prend SH228
The Bean Patch Shirley Painter SH229
Family Life: Adapting to Change Antony Kidman SH230
Boundaries – When to say YES and When to say NO, To Take Control of Your Life  


Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend

Self Matters Dr Phillip C McGraw SH232
How to be a Grown-Up Margaret Feinberg and Leif Oines SH233
Growing Beyond Emotional Pain – Action Plans for Healing Dr John Preston SH234
Don’t Swesat the Small Stuff for Women Kristine Carlson SH235
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and its all small stuff Richard Carlson PH.D SH236
Late Stage Alzheimer’s disease: A Guide for the Carer   SH237
Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family John Ashfield SH238
Planning Your Release NSW Exit Checklist SH239
Exploring Grief with Your Child Ilene L Dillon M.S.W SH240
The Memoirs of a Survivor Doris Lessing SH241
Healing the Hardware of the Soul Daniel G Amen, MD SH242
Homoeopathy for Psychological Illness – A Guide to Mental Health Problems Dr Trevor Smith SH243
Spiritual Healing in a Scientific Age Robert Peel SH244
The Support Manual Harriett Sarnoff Schiff SH245
Difficult Conversations Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Sheen SH246
Healing after loss Martha Whitmore Hickman SH247
Women’s Waterworks Pauline E Chiarelli SH248
Power over panic 2nd Edition Bronwyn Fox SH249
The gift of the gab and how to get it Jacquie Wise SH250
No dot people allowed Rich Wilkins SH251
How could you do this to me? Dr Jane Greer with Margery D Rosen SH252
Managing Anger Gael Lindenfield SH253
Skill with people Les Giblin SH254
Emotional Confidence Gael Lindenfield SH255
The power of meeting new people Debra Fine SH256
Happiness is a choice Frank Minirth MD and Paul Meier MD SH257
Today I will… 100 ways to make your life calm and creative Carmen Warrington SH258
What I wish I knew at 18 Daniel Gregory and Marty Wilson SH259
Children of prisoners – A guide for the family nad friends of adults in the criminal justice system   SH260
Negotiate for what you want Henry Calero and Bob Oskam SH261
How to stop worrying Frank Tallis SH262
Hang on… I need to say something Gillian Warren SH263
How to instantly connect with anyone Leil Lowndes SH264
Bringing out the best in people Alan Low McGinnis SH265
Life strategies – stop making excuses, do what works, do what matters Dr Phil McGraw SH266
One person can make a difference Gerald G Jampolsky M.D SH267
Understanding disability Professor of Disability Studies Michael Oliver from the University of Greenwich SH268
Job loss – it’s a family affair Alix Bradfield, Jill Jukes and Ruthan Rosenberg SH269
Writing in psychology – a student guide T. Raymond Smyth SH270
Four dimensional social space 2nd ed Tom Jagtenberg and Phillip D’Alton SH271
Please Remember: A Comprehensive Guide to My Passing Wishes   SH272
Abused – a guide to recovery for adult survivors of emotional/physical child abuse Dee Anna Parrish, LCSW SH273
Moving on – A journey through sexual assault Louise Phillips SH274
The harp and the ferryman Helen Cox PhD and Peter Roberts CM-Th SH275
New Understanding ADHD Dr Christopher Green SH276
Healing the shame that binds you John Bradshaw SH277
The twelve steps and twelve traditions of overeaters anonymous


Overeaters anonymous SH278
Anger: How to live with and without it Albert Ellis, Ph.D SH279
Surviving Breakdown Elizabeth Wilde McCormick SH280
Dealing with Difficult Situations – at work and at home Robert Cava SH281
The family first workbook Dr. Phil McGraw SH282
Against the Odds – Care Leavers at University Deidre Michell, David Jackson & Casey Tonkin SH283
The Nice Girl Syndrome – 10 steps to empowering yourself and ending abuse. Beverly Engel SH284
Dying to Know – Bringing death to life Andrew Anastasios SH285
Up we grew Pamela Bone SH286
Why The Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down – The Science of Murphy’s Law Richard Robinson SH287
The Five Languages of Apology – How to Experince Healing in All Your Relationships Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas SH288
Relationship Rescue Dr. Philip McGraw SH289
Sharing the Unsharable Education Centre Against Violence NSW Health SH290
Be Bold Susan Mitchel SH291
Understanding Trauma and Resillience Louise Harms SH292
Family First Dr. Phil McGraw SH293
Managing Mental Illness for Yourself and Others Break Thru’s Care for Families SH294
You Need NA Today – Narcotics Anonymous   SH295
Lost Fathers – How Women can heal from Adolescent Father Loss Laraine Herring SH296
Grandparenthood Dr. Ruth K Westheimer SH297
Codependent no More – How to stop controlling others andstart caring for yourself Melody Beattie SH298