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1920 (second session) Legislative Assembly NSW   R/S1
1955 – 56 Victoria Children’s Welfare Department   R/S2
A Childhood on Paper: Accessing the Child Care Files of Former Looked After Children in the UK J. Goddard. J. Feast & D. Kirton R/S3
A Childs Journey Through Placement Vera Fahlberg R/S4
A History of the NSW Department of Youth and Community Services Burgess Report R/S5
A Simple Work Gerald Burns R/S6
AASW – What we Have Learnt About
Wardship – Lessons for the Future
Susan Tregeagle R/S7
“Aboriginal Perspectives on Criminal Justice”
A Collection of Papers by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal writers
Edited by Chris Cunneen R/S8
A Most Unenviable Reputation Barry M Coldrey R/S9
A Programme for Action Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales R/S10
A Rape of the Soul so Profound. The Oral Evidence Peter Read R/S11
A Report on Aspects of Glastonbury & St. Augustine’s Homes P. Gilbey & B. Hope R/S12
A Suitable Degree of Plain Education – Rescuing Children in the Early Convict Era 1788-1826 John Ramsland R/S13
ACT Government Response to “The Territory as a Parent” Cheryl Vardon R/S14
Accessibility and Adequacy of Mental Health Services: An Evaluation of Services Available to Older Care Leavers Jocasta Giles R/S15
Adolescence Amnesia Denis Golding R/S16
Adoption of Children Act 1928 Victoria   R/S17
After Care Sin Yi Cheung & Anthony Heath R/S18
An Overview of Juvenile Detention in Australia Lynn Atkinson R/S19
Annual Report Queensland 55- 56 Queensland State Children Department R/S20
Annual Report Queensland 56-57 Queensland State Children Department R/S21
Annual report Welfare Branch 57-58 NT Commonwealth of Australia – Northern Territory Administration R/S22
Association Between Self Reported Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adverse Psychosocial Outcomes Nelson et al. R/S23
Asylums Erving Goffman R/S24
Attitudes Towards Children’s Rights Carl Rogers, Lawrence Wrightsman R/S25
Awakening from the Dream David Maunders R/S26
Big Girls Don’t Cry Jeanette Wood R/S27
Bringing them Home – National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission R/S28
Brookway Park – Recommended methods and procedures for the operation of Brookway Park, the Junior Boys’ Reformatory Brookway Park R/S30
Building a Life Story Suellen Murray, Jenny Malone & Jenny Glare R/S31
“Children in Care” Papers on Residential Work
Volume 1
RJN Todd R/S32
Agaagagi   R/S33
Centenary of Care for Children – Queensland Department of I Services R/S34
Chapter One Literature Review


Richard G. Van Wirdum R/S35
Child Abuse – Prevention & Infliction by the removal of the child from the home Frank Bishop R/S36
Child Abuse – Towards a knowledge base Brian Corby R/S37
Child Welfare Act NSW – Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Ordinances Issued During the Year 1940   R/S38
Child Welfare Affiliation & Adoptions John Charles Litherland R/S39
Child Welfare Department of NSW Annual Report 1956  Child Welfare Department NSW R/S40
Child Welfare Department Report J.E. McCulloch R/S41
Child Welfare in NSW NSW State Government R/S42


Child Welfare in Sydney – The 1820’s


Childhood and Society in Western Australia  


Edited by Penelope Hetherington

Children and society in NSW and VIC 1860 – 1914 Jan Kociumbas R/S45
“Children in Care” The International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction Jean S Heywood R/S46
Helping Troubled Children Michael Rutter R/S47
Children in Care – Papers on Residential Work – Volume 1 RJN Todd R/S48
Children Australia Edited by RG Brown R/S49
“Children in Institutional and other forms of care – A National Perspective” Report of the Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare The Parliament of the
Commonwealth of Australia
Children in Institutional and Other Forms of Care.  A National Perspective Senate Standing Committee R/S52
Children in Need Donald McLean R/S53
Children in Residential Care Charles Schaefer & Arthur Swanson R/S54
Children of the Back Lanes






John Ramsland R/S55
Children, Rights and the Law Philip Alston, Stephen Parker, John Seymour R/S56
Committee of Enquiry into Child Care Services in Victoria   R/S57
Confronting Cruelty Dorothy Scott & Shurlee Swain R/S58
Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church Bishop Geoffrey Robinson R/S59
Consciously Rejected Children D.A. Pemberton & D.R. Benady R/S60
Criminals and the Community Professor Albert Morris R/S61
Culture of Abuse and Perpetrators of Abuse at Department of Social Welfare Institutions Part 1 and 2 Sonja Cooper R/S62
Damned Whores & God’s Police – The Updated Edition of the Classic Study of Women in Australian society Anne Summers R/S63
Death in the Hands of the State – Inquest and the Alternative Criminology Journal Edited by Michael Hogan, Dave Brown and Russell Hogg R/S64
Department of Child Welfare – Establishments   R/S65
Derivative and Indigenous in the History and Historiography of Child Welfare in Australia – Extract from Children’s Australia, Vol. 26 No. 4 2001 Shurlee Swain R/S66
Directions for Residential Care – A Report to the Minister for Youth and Community Services. Dept of Youth & Community Services NSW (now DOCS) R/S67
Discipline & Punishment in New Zealand Education James Marshall & Dominique Marshall R/S68
Effect of Early Childhood Sexual Abuse on Self and Ego Development Laurie C Kilgore R/S69
Exiled from Home and Country: Abuse of Children in Religious Institutions in Ireland, an Exploration of the Effects on the Dynamics of Attachment Dr Una McCluskey R/S70
Facing Adulthood Alone Anita Weiner & Haggai Kupermintz R/S71

Factory to Reformatory – The Foundling and the Failure of Industrial and Reform Schools for Girls in the Nineteenth Century





Aust & NZ History of Education Society Journal, 1980

First Report of the Inquiry into Crime Prevention through Social Report Standing Committee on Law & Justice R/S73


Forgotten Children – The Secret Abuse of Scandal in Children’s Homes Christian Wolmar R/S74
Frederick William Neitenstein – Juvenile Reformatory and Prison Reform in New South Wales 1878-1909 Stephen Garton R/S75
“Garth” Willoughby –Children affected with Veneral Disease Garth Willoughby R/S76
Glandore Remand Home – Statement of Evidence –  Statement of Evidence before the Parliamentary Standing Committee F.J. McNally R/S77
“Good Mothers – Bad Mothers” State Substitute Care of Children in the 1960’s Marie Wilkinson R/S78
Government Gazette of Western Australia   R/S79
Graduating from the Child Welfare System Overview of the UK Leaving Care Debate Phillip Mendes and
Badal Moslehuddin
Group Review Report – the Experiences and Progress of 17 Young People in Substitute Care



Community Services Commission R/S81
History of the NSW Department of Youth and Community Services   R/S82
Home alone for orphans of the living Dr Joanna Penglase R/S83
Identity Ray Land & Gary Butner R/S84
Improving Outcomes for Young People Leaving Care in Victoria Sue Green R/S85
Independent Evaluation of Mayamurri healing Centre Dr Christine Edwards R/S86
In from the edge- State of the Family Report October 2010 Anglicare Australia R/S87
In the Company of Strangers Janet Brown R/S88
Infant Life Protection Acts, 1905 – 1935   R/S89
Inquiry into the Death of a Two year Old Community Services Commission R/S91
“Inquiry: New Direction from Substitute to Supported Care” Inquiry into the Practice and Provision of Substitute Care in NSW Community Services Commission R/S92
Institutionalised Children Speak Out   R/S93
Interim Report on Inquiry into Adoption Practices Standing committee on social issues R/S94
“Interview About the Making of The Magdalene Sisters” Interview with Peter Mullans and Anne-Marie Duff Jay Richardson R/S95
Issues in Child Abuse Prevention Australian Institute of family studies R/S96
Joining the Dots Premier’s Children’s Advisory Committee R/S97
Just Solutions – Wards and Juvenile justice Community Services Commission R/S98
Keeping Connected – Contact Between Children in care and their families Community Services Commission  


Lost In Care Report   R/S100
Lost Innocents: Righting the Records Senate Community Affairs Ref Committee R/S101
Neglected and Criminal Children Act (Victoria)   R/S102
NSW Child Welfare Act, 1939 no 17   R/S103
NSW Child Welfare Act, 1939 no 17 & No.21 1923 Regulations 1940   R/S104
NSW Department of Family and Community Services   R/S105
NSW Public Instruction Act of 1880


Orphans of the Living – Growing up in Care in Twentieth Century Australia Dr. Joanna Penglase R/S107
Orphans of the Living (Thesis) – The Home Children NSW 1939-1965 Dr Joanna Penglase R/S108
“Out of Luck” Poor Australians and Social Welfare 1788-1988 Stephen Garton R/S109
Particular Care Graeme Gregory & N. J. Smith R/S110
“Potential Inefficients at best, criminal at worst” The girl problem and juvenile delinquency in Western Australia 1907-1933 Rosemary Kerr R/S111
Press Releases Relevant to Enquiry (Yellow Folder)   R/S112
Press Releases Relevant to Enquiry 2 (Black Folder)   R/S113
Prisoners Rights Handbook Solange Rosa R/S114
Private lives Public Records Family history resources at Public Record Office Victoria Bronwyn Fensham, Barbara Wels
and kasia Zygmuntowicz
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 11th nov 2003   R/S116
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 12th nov 2003   R/S117
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 13th nov 2003   R/S118
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 8th Dec 2003   R/S119
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 3rd Feb 2004   R/S120
Proof Committee Hansard Senate Children in Institutional care 4th Feb 2004   R/S121
Protecting Children Crime and Misconduct Commission R/S122
Protection to Prevention: Child Welfare Policies Jan Carter R/S123
Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought Winnicott et al. R/S124
Psychosocial Adversity: Risk, Resilience & Recovery Sir Michael Rutter R/S125
Putting Children First Victorian Government R/S126
Reap as you Sow Bernie Matthews R/S127
“Reform or Repression?” Industrial and Reformatory Schools for Girls in NSW 1866-1910 Noeline Williamson R/S128
Releasing the Past – Adoption Practices 1950 – 1998 Final report



NSW Parliament


Religious Life Without Integrity – The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church

Barry M Coldrey R/S130
Report of child welfare department for the year ended 30th June 1956   R/S131
Report of the children’s welfare and public relief board   R/S132
Report to the Minister of Community Welfare in SA on the Sexual Abuse of Children   R/S133
Report The Board of Inquiry into Past Handling of Complaints of Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church   R/S134
Rescuing the Rising Generation G. Scrivener R/S135
Restoring Dignity Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian


Restoring Dignity EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian
Retreat from the welfare state Edited by Adam Graycar R/S138
Review of the freedom of Information Act Ombudsman Vic R/S139
Reviewing the Judicial Appointments Process in Victoria Department of Justice Victoria R/S140
Second Report of the Commissioners NSW Gov Public Charities Commission R/S141
Select Committee on Mental Health Report Senate Committee R/S142
Select Committee on Mental Health Final report Senate Committee R/S143
Senate Inquiry Institutionalised Children in care Barry Coldrey R/S144
Social Services Department Report for year 1955 – 56 Parliament of Tasmania R/S145
Some Traumatic effects of separation and placement Ner Littner R/S146
South Australian Child Welfare Acts   R/S147
“Sprung” A study in victims James Murray R/S148
State Children in Australia Catherine Spence R/S149
Street Kid in the City Delphine Jamet R/S150
Submission to the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues Community Services Commission R/S151
Suffer the Children Community Services Commission R/S152
Summary of Evidence Public Charities Commission NSW Gov R/S153
Support and Permanent Placements for Children Cas O’Neil R/S154
Survey in Child Care in Victoria 1962-1964 A report by the committee appointed by the Chief Secretary of Victoria R/S155
Survey of Catholic Residential Child Care Settings 1975 Rosemary Berreen & Margaret Tyrrell R/S156
Surviving the Care System: Education and Resilience Sonia Jackson and Martin Pearl R/S157
Taking Children Seriously CYPRU R/S158
Towards Redress & Recovery – Homes in Ireland Compensation Advisory Committee R/S159
The Australian Directory of Philanthropy   R/S160
“The Child and the State” The intervention of the State in Family Life Phillipe Meyer R/S161
The Conduct of Investigations into Past Cases of Abuse in Children’s Homes House of Commons Home Affairs Committee R/S162
The Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse M. Dunne & M. Legosz R/S163
The Devoted, the Dull, the Desperate and the Deviant: The Staff Problem in Traditional Residential Care Barry Coldrey R/S164
The Drama of Being a Child Alice Miller R/S165
The Drift of Children in Care into the Juvenile Justice System Community Services Commission  


The Educational Needs of Children and Young People in Out of Home Care Burnside R/S167
The Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture 1992 The Theory and Practice of Resilience P. Fonagy et al. R/S168
The Emergence of Children’s Rights John Eekelar R/S169
The Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child Dorota Iwaniec R/S170
The Handbook of Children’s Rights Bob Franklin R/S171
The Ideologies of Children’s Rights Ed. Michael Freeman & Philip Veerman R/S172
The Impact of Traumatic Childhood Experiences on Children’s Lives with Particular Reference to Traumatised Children Raised in Institutional Settings Dr. Ken Armstrong R/S173
The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work” Psychiatry and Narrative Ideas 2005 No 1 Edited by Cheryl White R/S174
“The Kid Business” How it Exploits the Children it Should Help R. Taylor R/S175
The King of Children Betty Jean Lifton R/S176
The Making of  A Criminal


F. Oswald Barnett R/S177
The Occasional Papers of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia  Barry M Coldrey R/S178
The Official Year Book of the Catholic Church of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, 1965-1966 Catholic Church R/S179
The Ormond Centre – A Complaint Investigation into Institutional Care of Children Community Services Commission R/S180
The Parramatta Industrial School for Girls Experience Lynette Aitken R/S181
The Powerless Poor P.J. Hollingworth R/S182
The Public Parent – WA Child Welfare Files Denise Murray R/S184
The Quality of broken lives

g of Individuals Who Have Failed to Thrive as Children

Dorota Iwaniec and Helga Sneddon R/S185
The Significance of Past Abuse to Current Intervention Strategies with Depressed Mothers in Child and Family Care Michael Sheppard R/S186
The South Australian Government Gazette   R/S187
“The Special dimension of Horror” Corporal punishment, severity, criminal assault and sexualised violence in traditional residential care Barry M Coldrey R/S188
The Statutes of NSW (Child Welfare Act, No. 17, 1939)   R/S189
The Territory as Parent Cheryl Vardon R/S190
“The Vagabond Papers” Sketches of Melbourne Life, in Light and Shade John Stanley James R/S191
There’s No Place Like Home National Voice R/S192
Agaagagi   R/S193
Victimization,Care and Justice Matthew Colton, Maurice Vanstone & Christine Walby R/S194
Victorian Government Gazette   R/S195
Voices of Children and Young People in Foster Care Community Services Commission R/S196
“Voices” The Educational Experience of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care. Committee on Children and Young People R/S197
“Wards Leaving Care” A Longitudinal Study of Wards Leaving Care Judy Cashmore and Marina Paxman R/S198
Western Australia Child Welfare   R/S199
What we learnt from Wardship Sue Tegeagle R/S200
Who Am I? Making Records Meaningful Rachel tropea, Cate Elkner & Gavan McCarthy R/S201
Who Cares J. McCaughey, S. Shaver, H. Ferber et al R/S202
“Who Will Look After the Children?” Steal away, hide away Anna Haebich and Jackie Huggins R/S203
Who Killed Leigh Leigh? Kerry Carrington R/S204
Why are they in Children’s Homes Dallas Hanson R/S205
Women and Children First Victor H. Wallace R/S206
Words Used on DOC’s Files   R/S207
“Youth Homelessness” Courage and hope Helen Sykes R/S208
Attachment, Bonding and the Effects of Institutionalisation on Children Prof. I K Waterhouse R/S209
Report on the Orphan schools in the Newtown Area of Tasmania   R/S210
Victoria, Institutions for Children and Young People 1850-1980 Donella Jaggs and Sue Kinkead R/S211
Background Material on the Opening of Reiby School   R/S212
Twentieth Century Sydney, Studies in urban & social history Made to be Moral   R/S213
Child Welfare Dept – NSW Annual Reports 1935-1955   R/S214
Children of the Black Skirt   R/S215
Bolte by Bolte Tom Prior R/S216
Commissioned to Care Cole Ruskin R/S217
Prevention – Interim Report on Child Protection Services NSW Legislative Council – Standing Committee  


Children Australia – Volume 33 Number 1   R/S219
Surviving care Richard Hill, Elizabeth Branigan R/S220
Its not too late to care- Report on the research into life outcomes for people brought up in institutional care in Victoria Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare R/S221
Excluded Families Leonard James Tierney R/S222
The Forgotten ones HSC Student R/S223
Children’s Rights and Society’s Duties Serena Stier R/S224
Children’s Rights: A comparative perspective Michael Freeman R/S225
Toward a historical, social and developmental perspective on children’s rights Norma Deitch Feshbach and Seymour Feshbach R/S226
Oral History  A handbook Louise Douglas, Alan Roberts, Ruth Thompson R/S227
Psychology of religion – revised and englarged Paul E Johnson R/S228
“Inquiry into the practice and provision of Substitute Care in NSW – New Directions from Substitute to Supported Care – Final Inquiry Report November 2000   R/S229
Significant Harm Elizabeth Fernandez R/S230
Beyond the Home gates: Life after growing up in Catholic instittuions Elizabeth Branigan, Jenny Malone, John Murphy and Suellen Murray R/S231
The Forgotten Generations Dr Richard George Van Wirdum R/S232
Tears often shed Bryan Gandevia R/S233
Early child care – infants and nations at risk Dr Peter Cook R/S234
The Statute of Liberty – How Australians can take back their rights Geoffrey Robertson QC R/S235
Such a longing – Black and white children in welfare in NSW and TAS- 1880-1940 Naomi Parry PHD R/S236
Introducing the longitudinal study of Australian children LSAC Discussion Paper No.1 Ann Sanson, Jan Nicholson, Judy Ungerer, Stephen Zubrick, Katherine Wilson, John Ainley, Donna Berthelsen, Michael Bittman, Dorothy Broom, Linda Harrison, Bryan Rodgers, Michael Sawyer, Sven Silburn, Lyndal Strazdins, Graham Vimpani and Melissa Wake R/S237
Origin and Identity Bruce Callaghan and Associates R/S238
Child Abuse and Neglect: Incidence and Prevention Marianne James R/S239
Recovering a subjugated history: disability and the institution in the industrial city B.J Gleeson R/S240
Children in trouble: The present system Australasian Legal Information Institute R/S241
CLAN’s Submission to the United Nations Committee Against Torture   R/S242
The second son of God Ray Brown R/S243
The law relating to children H.K. Bevan R/S244
The changes in the legal concept of family – the Anglo-Australian tradition Rosalind F Atherton R/S245
Orphans of the living – a study of bastardy Diana Dewar R/S246
A history of child protection – Back to the future? Adam M Tomison R/S247
Hypocrites – Evidence and statistics on child sexual abuse amongst Church Clergy – 1990-2000 Eros Foundation R/S248
Judicial Considerations of Reasonable Conduct by Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Benjamin Mathews R/S249
Offending girls – sex youth and justice Kerry Carrington R/S250
Pathways to Prison: Life Histories of Former Clients of the Child Welfare and Juvenile ustice Systems Stephen A. Kapp R/S251
Inventing Juvenile Delinquency and Determining its Cure (or, how many discourses can you disguise as one construct?) Dr Leonora Ritter R/S252
Rundle v Salvation Army (South Australia Property Trust) & Anor [2007] NSWSC 443 NSW Supreme Court R/S253
Janette Russ – Student Research Janette Russ R/S254
‘Poor Wand’rers’: Tasmania’s Street Children and Social Policy in the 1890’s Caroline Evans R/S255
Factors Associated with Abuse in Residential Child Care Institutions Matthew Colton R/S256
Residential Institutions Are Not the Answer John Williamson R/S257
Working Boarders: The Boarding Out Scheme in New South Wales, 1880 – 1920 Maree Murray R/S258
Journey of Healing – Are We Helping Them Home? Dr Peter O’Brien with assistance of John Bond R/S259
Pathways from Child Maltreament to Juvenile Offending Anna Stewart, Susan Dennison & Elissa Waterson R/S260
Child Welfare Division Field Officers Manual Circa 1958 – 1970   R/S261
Social Workers’ Manual 1970   R/S262
Submission to Senate Community Affairs References Committee | Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care CLAN R/S263
Residential Workers Manual 1975   R/S264
Issues Paper – Out-Of-Home Care and the role of SAAP Community Services Commission R/S265
From Care to Crime – Children in State Care and the development of Criminality Katherine McFarlane R/S266
The Child – Rights and Wrongs Dr. F. Grunseit R/S267
Quarterly Essay – The Prince – Faith, Abuse & George Pell. David Marr R/S268
From Victim to Offender – How Child Sexual Abuse Victims Become Offenders Freda Briggs R/S269
Child Welfare in Australia an introduction Cliff Picton Peter Boss R/S270
From Neglected to protected child welfare in NSW 1945 – 1988 Marie Wilkinson R/S272
An Analysis of the Structure and intent of Foster Care in NSW Bruce Valentine R/S272
Report of the Care of children Committee His Majesty’s Stationery Office London R/S273
Guidelines for the licensing of Non Government Residential Child Care Centres NSW Department of Family and Community Services R/S274
The NSW Association of Child Caring Agencies Elizabeth Tuck Burwood District Office R/S275
Issues in Australian Childhood Conference Dr. Kerreen Reiger R/S276
Women Social Welfare and the State in Australia Series Editor Ronald Wild R/S277
Theses – The Problems Facing the Adolescent J.R. Whiteford March 1942 R/S278
The State as Parent – Juvenile Crime and parental Restitution Richard Hill and Judith Bessant R/S279
Family Life and child care in Australia F.W. Clements and Norma Parker R/S280
Stepping Stones Elizabeth J Mellor 1990 R/S281
Children who return Home from Foster Care Heather N Taussig PDH Robert B Clyman R/S282
Child Abuse and Neglect Heather N Taussig R/S283
Containing Anxiety in Institutions Isabel Menzies Lyth R/S284


A Predictive and Follow up Abusive and Neglectful Families by Case Analysis Kari Killen Heap R/S285
The Nature of the Child’s Tie to his Mother 1958 John Bowlby, London R/S286
The Bodgie A.E. Manning R/S287
The Inside Journey Through Care Jennifer McIntosh PHD R/S288
From Repressive 1940 to the Permissive 1960 via the ideal family Leonora Ritten R/S289


The Insititution as an Environment for Development Jack and Barbara Tizard R/S290
Be a Kid, The Traumatic impact of repeated separations on children who are fostered and adopted Jenny Kenrick, London R/S291
The Scars Remain A long History of Forgotten Australians and Children’s Institutions Nell Musgrove R/S292
Sexual Assault and the Catholic Church Judith Courtin R/S293


CLAN’s submission to the United Nation’s Committee Against Torture Care Leavers Australasia Network – CLAN R/S294
Out of Care, Into University – Raising Higher Education access and achievement of Care Leavers La Trobe University Dr. Andrew Harvey

Dr. Patricia McNamara

Lisa Andrewartha

Michael Luckman

Convent Slave Laundries? Magdalen Asylums in Australia James Franklin R/S296
A Study into the Legislative and related key police and operational framworks for Sharing Information Relating to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Contexts Carolyn Adams and Krista Lee-Jones – Macquarie University R/S297