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“ A Guide to Records of Indiginous Australians” A Publication of the Archives
Working Group of the Cultural Ministers Council.
By Records of National
Cultural Signifigance
A Piece of the Story National Directory of Records of Catholic Organisations REFER2
“A Mere Bundle of Appetites of Animalism” The Treatment of Girls in the NSW Juvenile Correction System 1866-1966 Peter Quinn REFER3
A Guide to Genealogical Sources at Caloola The Genealogist, Sept 1992 REFER4
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Children in State Care-Interim Report
Published 12 May 2005
Commissioner of Inquiry REFER15
Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry – Report As to a Particular Matter NSW Government REFER16
“Connecting Kin”-Guide to Records DoCS REFER17
“Finding Families” The Guide to the
National Archives of Australia for
Compiled by
Margaret Chambers
“Finding Your Own Way” A guide to
Records of Children’s Homes in
South Australia
Nunkuwarrin Yunti of SA Inc REFER19
“Finding Your Story” A Resource
Manual to the Records of the Stolen
Generation in Victoria
Aboriginal Affairs Victoria REFER20
“Forgotten Australians” A Report on Australians
Who Experienced Institutional Or
Out-of –home-care as Children
Community Affairs ReferencesCommittee REFER21
Girls at Risk – Report of the Girls in Care Project Women’s Co-ordination Unit Premiers Department June 1986 REFER22
Group Review Report – The Experiences and Progress of 17 Young People in Substitute Care Community Services Commission NSW REFER23
Heroes in our Eyes – From Articles Published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald Les Carlyon REFER24
In and Out of Care – The Experience of Children, Parents & Social Workers Milke Fisher, Peter Marsh & David Phillips with Eric Sainsbury REFER25
In their Best Interests Laura Purdy REFER26
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The case of the Pope- Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse Geoffrey Robertson QC REFER30
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Listen to the Children –Review of Claims of Abuse from Adults in State Care as Children Report by the Tasmanian
Loving Protection?  Australian Feminism and Aboriginal Women’s Rights, 1919-1939 Fiona Paisley REFER33
Mary McKillop Lesley O’ Brian REFER34
 Mental Health Information & Services Directory NSW Mental Health Association NSW inc REFER35
Missing Pieces Qld Government REFER36
Neglected and Criminal Donella Jaggs REFER37
Neglected or criminal? – Sunbury Industrial School. The first 2 years Vol 1 Joan Brogden REFER38
Neglected or criminal? – Sunbury Industrial School. The first 2 years Vol 2 Joan Brogden REFER39
No Charity There Brian Dickey REFER40
Ombudsman Victoria Annual report 2010 – Part 1 Ombudsman Victoria REFER41
Orphans of History Robert Holden REFER42
Our Best Investment Child Protection Review REFER43
Phillip Island Joshua Wickett Gliddon REFER44
Private Lives Public Records – Family history Resources at Public Record Office Victoria Bronwyn Fensham, Barbara Wels & Kasia Zygmuntowicz REFER45
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Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Child
Care Services in Victoria Ordered by the
Legislative Assembly
Child Welfare Victoria REFER49
Research for Social workers and Introduction to Methods Margaret Alston & Wnedy Bowles REFER50
Restoring Dignity Responding to Child Abuse in Institutions REFER51
Restoring Dignity – Executive Summary Responding to Child Abuse in Institutions REFER52
Restoring Dignity Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian Institutions (CD ROM) REFER53
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“Signposts” A Guide for Children and Young
People in Care in WA from 1920
Government of Western
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The Challenge of Christian Stewardship    


The Disappearance of Childhood Neil Postman REFER71
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Legal and Constitutional Reference Committee


The Labourers’ Friends Maree Allen REFER77
The Needs of Young Children in Care Home Office REFER78
The Protector’s Handbook – Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse and Helping Children Recover Gerrilyn Smith


The Real Big Brother: Inquiry into the Privacy Acts Legal & Constitutional Reference Committee REFER80
The Vanish Resource Book VANISH REFER81


This Barren Land My Bed of Roses Ayana Noble REFER83
Ties that Bind   REFER84
Towards Healing National Committee for Professional Standards REFER85
Unsung Heroes & Heroines of Australia Suzy Baldwin  


Visions of Childhood John Cleverley and D.C. Philips REFER87
Voices – The Education Experience of Children & Young People in Out-of-Home Care Committee on Children & Young People REFER88
Working for Children: Communities Supporting Families Standing Committee on social Issues REFER89

Dependent Children – Foster Homes or Institutions

Weevils in the flour – An oral record of the 1930;s depression in Australia Wendy Lowenstein REFER91
Broken Rites – NewslettersKi   REFER92
The Real Big Brother: Inquiry into the Privacy Act 1988 Legal and Constitutional References Committee REFER93
Parenting Breakdown – The making and breaking of Inter-generational Links David Quinton and Michael Rutter REFER94
Snapshot of Constulations with Forgotten Australians Department of Communities REFER95
The Foster Carer’s Handbook – Help, Information and Support Wesley Dalmar REFER96
“Child Care and the Growth of love” John Bowlby REFER97
Working with young children – Guidance for Good Practice Joan Faragher and Glenda Macnaughton REFER98
Attitudes to Domestic and Family Violence in the Diverse Australian Community Cultural Perpectives REFER99
Moving Forward Together – 7th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect 1999   REFER100
Folk psychology and narrative practice Michael White REFER101
Catholic Orphanages in 1950’s and 1960’s  Neil McIntosh REFER102
Way Ahead 4th Edition Mental Health Information and Services Directory NSW REFER103
Book of Abstracts – 1st National Conference on the Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation   REFER104
Find and Connect Service

Scoping Study

Department of Families Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs REFER105
Kildonan Child and Family Services – Partnerships at work – Annual Report 2005   REFER 106
Senate Community Affairs References Committee inquiry into Children in Institutional Care – Submissions 251-300   REFER107
ACWA Programme Book   REFER108
C-Bers Services Ex-Press   REFER109
Development of a National Education Package for the “Improving Aged Care for Forgotten Australians” Project – Final Report Department of Health and Ageing REFER110
Package of Information Regarding Accrediation and Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)   REFER111
Understanding child abuse within an institutional context Karyn Walsh REFER112
The Penal Reformatory that never was: Proposals to establish Borstal training in NSW 1900-1948 Peter Quinn REFER113
Forgotten Australians Forum Wayne Chamley REFER114
Annual Report 2009 – Justice Wesley Mission Melbourne REFER115
Information for people once in the children’s society care   REFER116
A leaflet explaining the intermediary service for birth relatives   REFER117
Who am I – Making Records Meaningful

Records Access Project – Report of the research and workshop

Associate Prof. Suellen Murray REFER118
In their shoes – caring for residents as individuals Patrick Flanagan and Megan Stoyles – For aged and community services Australia REFER119
Why history is important: acknowledging the legacy of growing up in ‘care’ in 20th century Australia – Presentation Joanna Penglase REFER120
Child Migration Schemes to Australia – a dark and hidden chapter of Australia’s history revealed Delivered by Sen. Andrew Murray REFER121
Ex-care support services model document   REFER122
Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out of home care as children   REFER123
Media Articles from Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out of home care as children   REFER124
London Street Arabs


Mrs H.M Stanley REFER125
Peer support models – a discussion paper Prepared by Rb Y-B R. Seary REFER126
Salvos – With The Forces Lt. Col. Walter Hull REFER127
Prison – Cultural Memory and Dark Tourism Jacqueline Z Wilson REFER128
Country of Lost Children  Peter Pierce


Caring for the children- a history of institutional care provided by the salvation army for Australian children and youth (1893-1995) Dr Sharon Cleland REFER130
Family Matters – Challenged Lives Australian Institute of Family Studies REFER131
Dauntless Daughters of Desires   REFER132
For Christ’s Sake


Bishop Geoffrey Robinson REFER133
Cops and Robbers – A guide to researching 19th century police and criminal records in Victoria, Austalia. Helen Doxford Harris and Gary Presland REFER134
First world congress on family law and children’s rights – congress absracts 4 – 9 July 1993, Sydney, Australia   REFER135
For the record: Anglicare James Boyce REFER136
DR.Susan love’s breast book Susan M. Love, M.D. REFER137
DOCS Factsheet – Are you a fromer ward of NSW? Do you know what services are available to you?


Fact Sheet 200 – Beginning your family history research. National Archives of Australia REFER139
Fact Sheet 201 – Tracing ancestors in the National Archives National Archives of Australia REFER140
Fact Sheet 202 – Tracing ancestors beyond the National Archives National Archives of Austraia REFER141
Commission to Inquire into child abuse (amendment) Bill 2005 (IRE) Irish Government REFER142
Ethics and Accountability in Criminal Justice. Tim Prenzler REFER143
“…as a good parent would…” Commission for Children & Young People REFER144
My search for me …. Will I ever get there ? Will I run out of time? Helena REFER145
Exhibitions: A practical guide for small museums and galleries Georgia Rouette REFER146
The Sexual Abuse of Children By Yorick Smaal, Andy Kaladelfos and Mark Finnane REFER147
Senate Committee Report Community Affairs References Committee REFER148
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Children’s Rights and the Law Philip Alston, Stephen Parker, John Seymour REFER150
Supporting Adult Care Leavers Suellen Murray REFER151
Miscellaneous News Articles   REFER152
Thank God the the Salvos – The Salvation Army in Australia 1880 – 1980 Lowell Tarling REFER153


Lives of Uncommon Children Reflections of Forgotten Australians REFER154