Library List: Mothers and Women




A Cargo of Women Babette Smith MOTH2
A Mother Loss Workbook – Healing Exercises for Daughters Diane Hambrook MOTH3
A Mothers War Fey Von Hassell MOTH4
A Remarkable Absence of Passion Nora McManus MOTH5
After Long Silence Helen Fremont MOTH6
Always Daddy’s Girl – Understanding your Fathers Impact On Who You Are H Norman Wright MOTH7
An Unselfish Life Marea Stenmark MOTH8
Beyond Redemption Jennifer Dabbs MOTH9
Coping With Post-natal Depression Dr Bryanne Barnett MOTH10
Difficult Men Arabella Melville MOTH11
Divorce – A guide for Australian Women Ian Bowen MOTH12
I Let Her See Me Cry – A Mothers Story Helen Barnacle MOTH13
Fatherless Daughters Dimetra Demetriades MOTH14
Good Enough Mothers Marshall MOTH15
Her Story – Australian Women in Print 1788-1975 Margaret Bettison & Anne Summers MOTH16
Holistic Women’s Herbal Kitty Campion MOTH17
How could you? Harriet Edwards MOTH18
Jean Lee Paul Wilson, Don Treble & Robyn Lincoln MOTH19
Letters from Motherless Daughters – Words of Courage, Grief and Healing Hope Edelman MOTH20
How to Manage your Mother – Understanding the Most Difficult, Complicated & Fascinating  Relationship in Your Life Alyse Fay Cleese & Brian Bates MOTH21
Making Peace With My Mother Sylvia B Grossman MOTH22
Mosaic Soheir Khashoggi MOTH23
Mother of my Mother Hope Edelman MOTH24
Mother Superior, Woman Inferior Josie Arnold MOTH25
Motherhood – Making it Work For You Jo Lambie & Sue Morris MOTH26
Mother Love 2 – More Stories of Birth, Babies and Beyond Edited by Debra Adelaide MOTH27
Motherless Daughters Hope Edelman MOTH28
Motherless Mothers Hope Edelman MOTH29
Mothers – Classics from the Modern Library Miscellaneous MOTH30
Mothers Growing Up June De Vans MOTH31

Mothers Surviving Child Sexual Abuse


Carol Ann Hooper

Mummy Doesn’t Live Here Any More Helen Franks MOTH33
Mum’s the Word Marea Stenmark MOTH34
My Mother, My Friend – The Ten Most Important Things to Talk About With Your Mother Mary Marcdante  



Nobody Nowhere Donna Williams MOTH36
Public Lives Private Passions Susan Mitchell MOTH37
Small Miracles – Daily Meditations for Mothers in Recovery Patricia Hoolihan MOTH38
Sunshine On My Shoulders – A Woman’s Victory Over Agoraphobia Jan Sparks & Suzanne Pinder MOTH39
St Agnes Stand Thomas Eidson MOTH40
Sweet Mother, Sweet Maids Kate Nelson & Dominica Nelson MOTH41
The Dance of Anger – A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relations Harriet G Lerner Ph.D MOTH42
The Dance of Deception Harriet Goldhor Lerner MOTH43
The Heartache of Motherhood Joyce Nicholson MOTH44
The Last Time I saw Mother Arlene J Chai MOTH45
The Remarkable Absence of Passion Nora McManus MOTH46
The Wendy Dilemma –Do You Mother Your Man? Dr. Dan Kiley MOTH47
Too many Mothers Roberta Taylor MOTH48
Two Mothers – Twice the Blessing Or Was I Cursed? Deidre Michell MOTH49
The Ex Wife Syndrome Sandra S Kahn MOTH50
Unchain My Heart – Memoirs of a Modern Wife and Mother Andee Paviour MOTH51
Velocity Mandy Sayer MOTH52
Why do I think I am Nothing Without A Man Penelope Russianoff MOTH53
Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say Warren Farrell MOTH54
Women in Crime – The Inside Story of Life Behind Bars Xavier Waterkeyn MOTH55
Women Who Love Too Much – When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He’ll Change Robin Norwood MOTH56
Women, Sex and Addiction – A Search for Love and Power Charlotte Davis Kasl Ph.D MOTH57
Yesterday’s Daughters – Stories of our Past By Women Over 70 Edited by Alma Bushel MOTH58
The Indispensable Woman Ellen Sue Stern MOTH59
Auggiaga   MOTH60
Across Time and Death Jenny Cockell MOTH61
Mothers and Daughters Joan Sauers MOTH62
The feminine mystique Betty Friedan MOTH63
Venus in spurs Sheila Gillooly MOTH64
Don’t Blame Mother Paul J Capland PHD MOTH65
A mothers guide to life Barbara Toner MOTH66
It Could Have Been You Merlyn Nuttall MOTH67