Library List: Ireland




A decent set of girls Thomas Arbuthnot IRE1
Agony of Desertion Melissa Barron IRE2
Always in the Convent Shadow Margaret Matley IRE3
Angela’s Ashes Frank McCourt IRE4
Bridge Across My Sorrows Christina Noble IRE5
Childhood Interrupted Kathleen O’Malley IRE6
Don’t Ever Tell Kathy O’Beirne IRE7
Do Penance or Perish Frances Finnegan IRE8
Evelyn Evelyn Doyle IRE9
Exiled from Home and Country Dr Una McCluskey IRE10
Fear of the Collar Patrick Touher IRE11
For the Love of my Mother J.P. Rodgers IRE12
Freedom of Angels Bernadette Fahy IRE13
Kathy’s Story Kathy O’Beirne IRE14
Mercy College Summerhill Athlone 1998 Mercy College Summerhill IRE15
No One Wants You Celine Roberts IRE16
Reminiscences of Life in Baltimore Industrial School Alfie O’Mahony IRE17
Sister Genevieve John Rae IRE18
Suffer the Little Children Mary Raftery & Eoin O’Sullivan IRE19
Tis Frank McCourt IRE20
The God Squad Paddy Doyle IRE21
The Institute of Charity: Rosminians Brid Fahey Bates IRE22
The Light in the Window June Goulding IRE23
The Raggy Boy Trilogy Patrick Galvin IRE24
The Stolen Child: A Memoir Joe Dunne IRE25
Please don’t make me go John Fenton IRE26
Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse – Third Interim Report (December 2003)   IRE27
Founded on Fear Peter Tyrrell IRE28
The misremembered man Christina McKenna IRE29
Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes Martha Long IRE30
For the love of my mother John Rodgers IRE31
The boy from Glin industrial school Tom Wall (Glin) IRE32
The light in the window



June Goulding IRE33
Kathy’s Story – Inside the hell of Ireland’s notorious Magdalen Sisters’ Laundries Kathy O’Beirne IRE34
Childhood Interrupted – Growing up under the cruel regime of the Sisters of Mercy Kathleen O’Malley IRE35
The Boy at the Gate – A Memoir Danny Ellis IRE36
Marilyn’s Child Lynne Pemberton IRE37
Agony Of Desertion Melissa Barron IRE38
Suffer the Little Children – The inside story of Ireland’s industrial schools Mary Raftery & Eoin O’Sullivan IRE39
Ma, Jackser’s Dyin Alone Martha Long IRE40
Painful Decisions Mary Larkin IRE40a
The Lost Child of Philomena Lee Martin Sixsmith IRE41
In Harm’s Way Sean Hogan and Michael Cameron IRE42
Missing Barry Cummins IRE43
Annie’s Girl Maureen Coppinger IRE44
Goldenbridge(A view from Valparaiso) Teresita Durkan IRE45