Library List: Foster Care




A Piece of Cake Cupcake Brown FOST1
Another Place at the Table Kathy Harrison FOST2
Foster Care – The State of the Art James G Barber & R Gilbertson FOST3
Foster Parenthood – A Role Analysis David Fanshel FOST4
Lost in the System Charlotte Lopez FOST5
Nobody’s Child John Robinson FOST6
Suffer Little Children – An Autobiography of A Foster Child Dereck O FOST7
The Boy Adeodatus Bernard Smith FOST8
The Hidden Parent Alameda Jolowicz FOST10
The Kid Business Ronald B Taylor FOST11
The Looked After Kid Paolo Hewitt FOST12
Voices of children and young people in foster care  Community Services Commission FOST13
Deliver Me From Evil Alloma Gilbert FOST14
Nobody’s Child Kate Adie FOST15
Child C Christopher Spry FOST16