Library List: Fathers and Men




A Fortunate Life Albert Facey FATH1
A Man’s Guide to Raising Kids Michael Grose FATH2
A Street Lamp and the Stars Don Borrelli of Naples & Anthony Thorne FATH3
And When Did you Last See Your Father? Blake Morrison FATH4
Ask Your Father – Fifty Things Your Father Should Have Taught You But Probably Didn’t Michael Powell FATH5
Between Clean Sheets Maria Quinn FATH6
Between Father and Child – How to Become the Kind of Father You Want To Be Dr Ronald Levant & John Kelly FATH7
Beyond Mateship Terry Colling FATH8
Dad’s Place – A New Guide For Fathers After Divorce Jill Burnett FATH9
Father Anonymous Frank Silwood & Legatees FATH10
Father and Child Reunion – How to Bring the Dad’s We Need to the Children We Love Warren Farrell FATH11
Fathering – Strengthening Connection With Your Children No Matter Where You Are Will Glennon FATH12
Father Figures Kevin Sweeney FATH13
Father Son Healing Joseph Ilardo FATH14
Fathering From the Fast Lane – Practical Ideas for Busy Dads Bruce Robinson FATH15
Fathers Miscellaneous FATH16
Fathers After Divorce – Building a New Life and Becoming A Successful Separated Parent Michael Green FATH17
Fathers & Sons – Australian Men Reveal Their Stories of This Special Relationship Christine Williams FATH18
Finding Your Father Graham McInnes FATH19
In Search of My father Paul Drexler FATH20
Live-Away Dads William C Klatte FATH21
Man Maintenance – How the Male Body Runs and What to do if it Breaks Down Jill Margo FATH22
Manhood – An Action Plan for Changing Men’s Lives Steve Biddulph FATH23
Men’s Health – Uncovering the Mystery.  A working manual Bill O’Hehir Psychologist FATH24
Moments with Father  Miscellaneous FATH25
“On Their Own” Boys Growing Up Un-fathered Rex McCann FATH26
Romulus My Father Raimond Gaita FATH27
The Boy He Left Behind Mark Matousek FATH28
The Boy Will Come to Nothing Leonard Shengold M.D. FATH29
The Changing Roles of Father Graeme Russell FATH30
The Father Lode Phil Dye FATH31
The Passions of Fatherhood – A Book for How Fathers Find Their True Place in the Family, and in the Hearts and Mind of their Children Samual Osherson FATH32
The Road to NAB End William Woodruff FATH33
The Uncertain Father Richard Seel FATH34
The Widower Jane Burgess Kohn/Willard K. Kohn FATH35
When She Leaves You – Men Often React Disastrously to a Marriage Ending  Ian McDonald FATH36
When a Man Faces Grief Thomas R Golden & James E Miller FATH37
Who Can a Man Tell?  Information for Men Who were Sexually Assualted as Children Education Centre Against Violence FATH38
Victims – No Longer Michael Lew FATH39
Your Wife Was Sexually Abused John Courtregh & Dr Sid Rogers  


A Man You Know is Grieving James E Miller and Thomas R Golden FATH41
Victims no longer Mike Lew FATH42
Healing a father’s grief William Schatz FATH43
Daddy, where were you? Heather Harpham FATH44
Father Fiction Donald Miller FATH45
Father Time Daniel Petre FATH46