Library List: England




Barnardo Gladys Williams ENG1
Desperate Hearts Katherine Summers ENG2
Dr Barnardo Rev. John Herridge Batt ENG3
For the sake of the children June Rose ENG4
Forgotten Les Cummings ENG5
Gahhaha   ENG6
Not Without You Alan & Irene Brogan ENG7
Who Cares Fred Fever ENG8
Borstal Boy Brendan Behan ENG9
Nobody’s Girl Kitty Neale ENG10
Pin Down Teresa Cooper ENG11
Nobody Came Robbie Garner W/Toni Maguire ENG12
“Forgotten Children” The Secret Abuse of Scandal in I Homes Christian Wolmar  



Rock Me Gently Judith Kelly ENG14
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Alan Sillitoe  


Ex Home Boy’s Memoirs Brian Doherty ENG16
Barnardo of Stepney AE Williams ENG17
A Place of Safety Angela Burdick ENG18
Neither Waif Nor Stray Perry Snow ENG19
The unprivileged Jeremy Seabrook ENG20
New orphan houses – Ashley Down, Bristol   ENG21
Extract from the book – The Bristol Orphan Houses W Elfe Taylor ENG22
The Bristol Miracle- An account of God’s faithfulness to the work of George Muller The George Muller Charitable Trust ENG23
Alone on a wide wide sea Michael Morprugo ENG24
London’s Forgotten Children – Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital Gillian Pugh with foreword by Kate Adie ENG25
Unloved Peter Roche ENG26
Strawberry Fields Katie Flynn ENG27
Helpless Marianne Marsh ENG28
Escaping Daddy Maria Landon ENG29
Frank Norman Banana Boy Frank Norman ENG30
Antonia Naomi Jacob ENG31
Cractonk House – The incredible true story of the man who took on London’s crack gangs & won Harry Keeble with Kris Hollington ENG32
Rock Me Gently – A true story of a convent childhood Judith Kelly ENG33
Flowers in the Attic Virginia Andrews ENG34
Someone to Watch Over Me Izzy Hamond with Robert Potter ENG35
The Brotherhood Stephen Knight ENG36
Naked Jo Hill ENG37
My Story – A Child Called “It” Dave Pelzer (A Man named Dave) ENG38
Forgotten Children – The Secret Abuse Scandal in Children’s Homes Christian Wolmar ENG39
Nobody’s Child Michael Seed with Noel Botham ENG40
Cry Silent Tears – the horrific true story of the little mute boy in the cellar Joe Peters ENG41
Nobody’s Child Kate Adie ENG42
Going Back Frederick Brayshaw – Wendy Grant ENG43
Fifty One Moves Ben Ashcroft ENG44
Rebel Without Applause Lemm Sissay ENG45
Gold from the Stone Lemm Sissay ENG46