Library List: Child Migrants




Shshshshsh   CM1
A Chip off What Block? Laurie Humphreys CM2
A Decent Set of Girls – The Irish Famine Orphans of the ‘Thomas Arbuthonot’ 1849-1850  Richard Reid & Cheryl Morgan CM3
Agagga   CM4
Barnardos Down Under Newsletter   CM5
British Child Migrants in NSW Catholic Orphanages Marion Fox CM6
Stolen Childhoods – The story of the Child Migration Scheme Child Migrants Trust CM7
By Then I Was Thirteen  Derrick Rees CM8
Child Migrant Information   CM9
Child Migration and the Western Australian Boys Homes Dr D M Coldrey CM10
Christian Brothers Ex-residents and Students Services Newsletter   CM11
C’mon Over Ann Howard CM12
Empty Cradles Margaret Humphreys CM13
Gaahahjdj   CM14
Feathers of the Snow Angel Lionel Pearce CM15
Five Stories – Remembering Childhood Removal from Homeland by Former British Child Migrants Editors Dr Carol Irizarry and Dr Effy Kelanthi CM16
Flo – Child Migrant from Liverpool Flo Hickson CM17
Geordie, Orphan of the Empire L.P. Welsh CM18
Good British Stock Barry Coldrey CM19
Goodbye, Mummy Darling Susan Tickner CM20
Likely Lads and Lasses – Youth Migration to Australia 1911-1983 Alan Gill CM21
Lost Children of the Empire P. Bean & J. Melville CM22
My Life Mary Keel CM23
New Lives for Old Roger Kershaw & Janet Sacks CM24
Orphans of History – The Forgotten Children of the First Fleet Robert Holden CM25
Orphans of the Empire Alan Gill CM26
Orphans of the Queen Ruth Starke CM27
Pebble on the Beach Tony Diamond CM28
Riding on a Rainbow Ronald Slaney CM29
Senate inquiry into Child Migration Barry Coldrey CM30
Forgotten Les Cummings CM31
The Church and Migrants Frank Mecham CM32
The Dirty Bloody Jizzy John R Bicknell CM33
The Forgotten Children David Hill CM34
The Life and Times of Tommy Hayden  Tommy Hayden CM35
Aofihagiohghi   CM36
The Long Way Home Jo Bailey with Ronnie Sabin CM37
Three Suitcases and a Three year old Ann Mihkelson  


Trust me Lesley Pearce CM39
The Bush Orphanage John Hawkins CM40
After Barnardo Ann Howard and Eric Leonard CM41
The Boat to Boys Town Peter Allsopp and David Despard CM42
Oranges and Sunshine Margaret Humphreys CM43
The Foundling Museum   CM44
Counting the Cost – Chirstian Brothers & Child Care in Australian Orphanages Bruce Blyth CM45
Orphans  of the queen Ruth Starke CM46
Likely Lads & Lasses – Youth Migration to Australia 1911 – 1983 Alan Gill CM47
Stolen Innocence Nigel Owen CM48
The Long Journey Paddy Monaghan CM49