Library List: Child Abuse




A Child Called It Dave Pelzer ChAb1
A Man Named Dave Dave Pelzer ChAb2
An child abuse Frank Golding ChAb3
“Altar Boy” – A Story of Life After Abuse Andrew Madden ChAb4
Blackbird Jennifer Lauck ChAb6
Breaking Through Cathy Ann Matthews ChAb7
“Broken Boys/Mending Men” Recovery from Child Sex Abuse Steven Grubman – Black ChAb8
Child Abuse (The Encyclopedia of Health) William A. Check ChAb9
“Child abuse” The Developing Child Ruth S Kemp and
C Henry Kemp
“Child Sexual Abuse” Understanding and Responding Human Services ChAb11
 Chid Sexual Abuse and the Churches Patrick Parkinson ChAb12
Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches  2nd Edition Patrick Parkinson ChAb13
Child Sexual Abuse Within the Family Ciba Foundation ChAb14
Cruelty to Children With Proposals for Remedial Measures Dr Eustace Chesser ChAb15
Daddy’s Little Earner Maria Landon ChAb16
Daddy’s Little Girl Julia Latchem-Smith ChAb17
Damaged Cathy Glass ChAb18
Street Kid Judy Westwater ChAb19
In the Shadow of the Cross – Christian Brothers Homes Bruce Blyth ChAb20
“Father and Me” A Story on Sexual Abuse at the Hands of a Priest Eammon Flanagan ChAb21
Feral Kid Libby Hathorn ChAb22
“Forgotten Children” The Secret Abuse of Scandal in I Homes Christian Wolmar ChAb23
Freedom from Sexual Abuse Nicola Grace ChAb24
“From Victim to Offender” How Child Sexual Abuse Victims Become offenders Freda Briggs ChAb25
In Moral Danger Barbara Biggs ChAb26
“It Happened to Us” Men Talk About Child Sexual Abuse. Timothy O’Leary ChAb27
“It Happened to Us” Women talk about Child sexual abuse. Department of Human Services ChAb28
“Lead Us Not Into Temptation” Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children Jason  Burry ChAb29
Making an Issue of Child Abuse Barbara J. Nelson ChAb30
Maternal Deprivation Reassessed   ChAb31
Monsters and Men. Bob Long & DCI Bob McLachlan ChAb32
My Fathers House Sylvia Fraser ChAb34
My Story


Dave Pelzer


“One of the Family” Pearlie McNeil ChAb36
“One Two Three”  The story of Matt a Feral Child Eleanor Craig ChAb37
Ordinary Wonders Lilian Green ChAb38
Our Little Secret Duncan Fairhurst ChAb39
“Outgrowing the Pain” A book For and About Adults Abused as Children Eliana Gil PhD ChAb40
Remembrance Day – September 10th 2003 Historical Abuse Network ChAb41
“Sewing our Stories” Quilts That Tell Stories About Violence Against Women and Children Tashe Long ChAb42
“Spare the Child” The Religious Roots of Punishment and the
Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse
Phillip Greven ChAb43
Stolen Innocence Elissa Wall w/ Lisa Pulitzer ChAb44
Tell Me Why mummy David Thomas ChAb45
The Best Kept Secret Florence Rush ChAb46
The Fence on the Cliff Dorothy Ginn ChAb47
The Girl From Barefoot House Maureen Lee ChAb48
The Kid Moves On Kevin Lewis ChAb49


“The Little Prisoner” How a Childhood Was Stolen and a Trust Betrayed



Jane Elliott

The Lost Boy Dave Pelzer ChAb51
The Privilege of Youth Dave Pelzer ChAb52
“The Protector’s Handbook” Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse and Helping Children Recover Gerrilyn Smith ChAb53
The Secret Mia Schwerd ChAb54
The Tricky Part Martin Moran ChAb55
The Troubled Ones – Sexually and Emotionally Abused Children Ray Willich ChAb56
This Boys Life Tobias Wolff ChAb57
Twilight Children Torey Hayden ChAb58
Ugly Constance Briscoe ChAb59
“What Happens to Children” The Origin of Violence Edited by Valerie Yule  


Worthless Marilyn Hardy ChAb61
Don’t Ever Cry Sue Martin ChAb62
Shattered Lives – Children who live with courage and dignity Camila Batmanghelidjh ChAb63
Rockspider Vikki Petraitis – Chris O’Connor ChAb64
Shadow Karin Alvtegen ChAb65
Paper Dolls Diyanne Podhaczky ChAb66
The kid Kevin Lewis ChAb67
Don’t you love your daddy? Sally East with Toni Maguire ChAb68
I just wanted to be loved Stuart Howarth ChAb69
Please, daddy no Stuart Howarth ChAb70
I miss mummy Cathy Glass ChAb71
Breaking the silence Edited by Liz Mullinar and Candida Hunt ChAb72
God’s Callgirl – A memoir Carla Van Raay ChAb73
Never to be released – Australia’s most vicious murderers Paul B Kidd ChAb74
My Father’s Keeper Julie Gregory ChAb75
Counting the rivers Pearlie McNeill ChAb76
The baby farmers Annie Cossins ChAb77
Forgotten Children – The secret Abuse Scandal in Children’s Homes Christian Wolmar ChAb78
Surviving Sexual Abuse – A Creative Response to Child Abuse Kevin Brown ChAb79
No-one was Watching Annie Horner ChAb80
Our Little Secret Lorraine Hall CHAb81