Library List: Adoption




Adoption – Lies and Conspiracy Suzanne Hammond ADOP1
Adoption and Loss – The Hidden Grief Evelyn Burns Robinson ADOP2
Adoption and Recovery – Solving the Mystery of Reunion Evelyn Burns Robinson ADOP3
Adoption in NSW Alexandra Young ADOP4
Adoption Reunion Evelyn Robinson ADOP5
An Australian Son – An Extraordinary True Story Gordon Matthews ADOP6
Binding Ties Tom Frame ADOP7
Down the Track NSW Committee on Adoption ADOP8
Family Secrets David Leitch ADOP9
Further Down The Track NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care, Inc. ADOP10
Intermediary Services in Post Adoption Reunion Sarah Armstrong & Thea Ormerod ADOP11
The Life of Riley Lin Riley with Sam Riley ADOP12
Journey of the Adopted Self Betty Jean Lifton ADOP13
Living Mistakes – Mothers who Consented to Adoption Kay Inglis ADOP14
So You’re Adopted James Stanford ADOP15
Surviving Secrets Margaret Watson ADOP16
To Search for Self – The Experience of Access to Adoption Information Phillip & Shurlee Smith ADOP17
Touched by Adoption Victoria Fitzpatrick ADOP18
The Many Sided Triangle – Adoption in Australia Audrey Marshall & Margaret McDonald ADOP19
Wanted: First Child Rebecca Harsin ADOP20
When we Adopted a baby Dorothy Mooney ADOP21
Understanding Birth Fathers Gary Coles ADOP22
Searching for Charmian Suzanne Check ADOP23
The Home Girls Olga Masters ADOP24
That Girl from Nowhere Dorothy Koomson ADOP25
The Colour of Time Lynelle Long ADOP26
Heartlines Sussanah McFarlane & Robin Leuba ADOP27