Sutherland Children’s Home, Diamond Creek

Sutherland Children’s Home

Yan Yan Road

Diamond Creek



Provider: Berry Street

Year Opened: 1929

Year Closed: To Be Advised

Sutherland Homes for Children was founded in 1909. In 1992 its name changed to Sutherland Child, Youth and Family Services. In 1994 it amalgamated with Berry Street to become Berry Street Victoria. Since I have been in this position, I have had contact with many former residents of Berry Street and Sutherland Homes as well as people who were placed as children in foster placements.

From a historical article on the Sutherland Children’s Home

Advertiser, 8th March 1929

There are two homes in existence ,which testify to the good work established and accomplished by the late Selihfa Murray McDonald Sutherland. One is at Drummond St., Carlton, and the other at Diamond Creek. Miss Sutherland was a native of Sutherland Shire, Scotland, and prior to coming to Victoria in 1881 spent a good deal of her early life in Wairarapa, New Zealand, where many acts of philanthropy were performed by her. In 1886 Miss Sutherland was appointed lady missionary of Scots Church District Neglected Children’s Aid Society, and in 1888 was the first to be appointed by the State to receive children under the Neglected Children’s Act. Subsequently she became head of, the Victorian Neglected Children’s Aid Society, with headquarters at Parkville, and later on transferred to the home in Latrobe St. – years ago Miss Sutherland was one of the best known figures in city streets and slums, with familiar stride, swinging parasol; and plain dress.

Last week a visit was paid to the home at Diamond Creek by-a representative of the “Advertiser,” who met the president (Mr. R.A. Edmonson), secretary and manager (Mrs. A. Wenborn), Miss Wood (matron), and Miss Evans (nurse). Work is well ahead with the erection of the new building.


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