St Catherine’s Girls’ Orphanage, Highton, Geelong

St Catherine’s Girls’ Orphanage

Roslyn Road, Highton




Provider: Sisters of Mercy

Year Opened: 1862

Year Closed: 1975

Other names: Our Lady’s Orphanage

St Catherine’s Orphanage was the new name given in 1912 to what was formerly Our Lady’s Orphanage. It accommodated girls aged between three and 14.

In 1928, the Orphanage moved from Newtown to Highton in Geelong. In 1960, it became the St Catherine’s Children’s Home.

For further information about this Home, please refer to:  A Piece of the Story.


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VIC 80

The author writes in a very telling and simple way of the experiences of her early childhood days in the orphanage, her search for her biological parents and her later experiences.