Royleston Boys’ Home, Glebe

Royleston Boys Home

270 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW

Provider: NSW Government

Year Opened: 1925

Year Closed: 1983

For further information about this Home, please refer to: Connecting Kin: Guide to Records.

A mansion built by a wealthy merchant in the 1880s on Glebe Point, it was purchased by the government in the 1920s and in 1924 became a receiving home for boys aged six to 18 years. Later it the became the Children’s Court as its ballroom made a good courtroom. Fully restored, it was opened as Trickett’s Bed and Breakfast, now closed.

The Manager as of 14 October 1949 was Sgd R Neville.

In 1925 the property was held in the name of the Public Instruction Department and then in the name of the Child Welfare Department until 1933. From 1925 the Sands Directory lists the name of the property as Roylestone House, and it was known as the Roylestone Home for Wayward and Abandoned Boys until it was closed in 1983. It was the Children’s Court from 1983 until 1992, when the Court was transferred further up the road to Bidura, which had been the home of renowned architect, Thomas Blackett.

When it was being set up as the Roylestone Home for Wayward and Abandoned Boys, six or seven highly decorated ceramic stoves, which had been imported from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and used for heating the building, were destroyed. Fortunately, one stove still remains. The rest were smashed to pieces. The smashed remains were dumped under the house and in the surrounding grounds, and the beautiful ceramic pieces were found by Liz Trickett during the restoration.

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