Presbyterian Orphanage and Children’s Home Dunedin

Dates: 1907-1929


This home opened in July 1907 in an eleven roomed house on a quarter acre section, at 41 Clyde Street, with accommodation for 20 children. Run by the Presbyterian Support Services Association (PSSA), it was open to all needy children, although preference was given to children from Presbyterian families and children who had lost both parents. Before this date, Deaconesses Sister Mary McQueen of Knox Church and Sister Evelyn McAdam of First Church had taken some children into their own home at 100 George Street because of a lack of alternatives; and when PSSA was founded in 1906 the superintendent, Edward Axelsen, had also taken children into his own home.

By 1908 the home was crowded, with about 30 children living in and others boarded out. Late that year it moved to new premises at Grants Braes, formerly the residence of Mr T. Burt. When Glendining Home opened in 1913 all the girls, and boys under 10 years, moved to the new home – older boys still attending school remained at Grants Braes.

In 1920-21 the homes were reorganised – the children from Glendining moved to Grants Braes and Nisbet Homes, and the boys from Grants Braes moved to Glendining.

The Grants Braes home closed in 1930 when the children moved to a new complex at Glendining.