Glen Mervyn Junior Red Cross

Glen Mervyn Junior Red Cross

 Coogee Bay Road




Provider: Australian Red Cross

Year Opened: 1974

Year Closed: 1980s

Thomas Albert Field bequeathed ‘Glen Mervyn’ to the Australian Red Cross on condition that it not be used for other than philanthropic or charitable purposes.

The Glen Mervyn Red Cross Home took in children whose families were experiencing a range of problems. It is thought that this home closed in the 1980s.

The Red Cross conducted a convalescent home for ex-servicemen of World War II there from 1942-1946 when it was leased to Sydney Legacy at a token cost for use as a residence for wards of Legacy. In 1973 Legacy handed the property back to the Red Cross and the following year it opened as a Junior Red Cross Home “Glen Mervyn”.

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Lianne (4) from the Glen Mervyn Homes found the Wombles toys very much to her liking.








Modern day photos of the home, now known as Glen Mervyn Centre. Source:

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