Homes Needing Photos

The following Homes currently have no photos available. If anyone has any photographs, please send them to CLAN at


Bethany Children’s Home

Cornwell Group Home

Crecy Group Home

Field Cottage

Holy Family Children’s Home

Lawson Cottage

Manly Boys Home

Molesworth House

Murray Vale Girls Home

Ohio Boys Home

Red Cross Home (Berida Junior Red Cross Home)

Red Cross Home (Eleanor MacKinnon Junior Red Cross Home)


St John Of God Training Centre

St Georges Training Farm For Boys

Trigg Cottage



Acheron Youth Training Centre

Ainslie Yeates Family Cottage

Allenby Lodge Young Women’s Hostel

Antonian Children’s Home

Arms of Jesus Babies’ Home

Ashendene Boy’s Home

Bendigo Reception Centre

Beth-el Childrens Home

Butler House for Homeless Girls

Christian Bretheren Family Care (Bethany)

Ellen Connell Home

Excelsior Boys Home

Forster Lodge

Heather Anderson Home

Heidelberg Boys Home

Illoura Childrens’ Home

Jacana Childrens Home

Kalcurnee Cottage Home

Kenilworth House


Langi Kal Kal Youth Training Centre

Lisa Lodge Hayeslee

Mercy Family Centre

Moreland Girls Home

Mrs Dorrie Black Licensed Childrens Home

Overton Residential Nursery

Royal Park Depot

Salvation Army Girls Home (East Camberwell)

Sisters Of The Fallen Angels

Skene Street Hostel

St Pauls Residential School For Blind Children

St Vincent de Pauls Orphanage

Straightviews Reformatory Farm

Woodbine Centre for Retarded Children



Aboriginal Women’s Home, North Adelaide

Christies Beach Cottage

Dartmouth Family Home

Elizabeth Cottage

Family Home

Farr Cottage

Fullarton Cottage

Garden Cottage

Hove / Brighton Cottage

Kali Boys Hostel

Kurbingai Hostel

Largs Bay Cottage Home

Little Para House

Lutheran Emergency Home for Children

Malvern Cottage

Nidlandi Hostel

Port Lincoln Family Home

Port Pirie Cottage Family Home

Pybus Family Home Port Augusta

The Church of England Youth Hostel

Unit Living / Marion Flats



Adamson House

Anglican Children’s Mission (Middle Swan)

Applecross Cottage

Ardross House

Australian Aboriginal Evangelical Mission Hostel

Bennett House

Bentley House

Bethel Inc

Boulder Boys Employment Hostel

Bridgetown Group Home

Bunbury Group Home

Catherine House

Charles Perkins Hostel

Collins (Carine) House

Darlington Cottage


Gilliamia Hostel

Grossers Boarding House

Gwynne Lea

Hamilton Hill Hostel

Kewdale House

Kyewong Hostel (Youth Equip)

La Grange Mission – Bidyadanga

Maria Goretti Home

McDonald House

Medina Education and Employment Hostel

Meribah Cottage

Millington Street Hostel

Miss Elphicks Boarding House

Moorgunyah Hostel

Myera House

Nabberu Hostel


Ocean View Hostel

Oceanview (Cottesloe)

Oolanyah Hostel

Pallottine Boys Hostel

St Josephs Hostel

Stuart House

Tardun / Wandaglu Hostel

Valima Hostel

Ventnor Avenue Hostel

Warralea Educational and Employment Hostel For Boys

Warramboo Hostel

Warramia Group Home

Watson Lodge

Weeriana Hostel

Werribee Cottage

William A Saw Seaside Homes



Albion Lodge

Alexandra Cottage Family Group Home

All Saints Girls Hostel

Anglican Children’s Home

Archibald House

Bowen Mission

Church of England Family Group Home

Church of England Rescue Home

Christian Centre Family Group Homes

Dahler Family Group Home

David Henry Transitional Lodge

Dowdle Family Group Home

Granada Hostel

Holland Park Family Group Home

Harrison Cottage Family Group Home

Hilldale Village For Boys

Industrial School For Girls (Clayfield)

Illoura Family Group Home

Jellicoe Street Family Group Home

Kingsbury Cottage Family Group Home

Kiah Hostel

Kunara Family Group Home

Lewis Cottage Family Group Home

Lahey Cottage Family Group Home

Leslie Wilson Home for Bush Children

Logan Reserve Lodge

Mackay Family Group Home

Methodist Home

Moore Cottage Family Group Home

Morris House

Marsden Home For Boys (Booval)

Maryborough Mission

Morris House

Morton Bay Mission

Nicklin Cottage Family Group Home

Opal House

Opal Joyce Wilding Home

Robgill Cottage

Rowellyn Family Group Home

Riverview Training Farm For Boys

Sacred Heart (Mitchelton)

St Josephs Orphanage (Bucasia)

St Georges Homes for Children

St Josephs Orphanage

Specht Family Group Home

Tainton Cottage Family Group Home

Tarragindi Lodge

Taringa Transition Hostel

Talera Lodge

Wahroonga Family Group Home



Abermere Receiving Home

Casablanca Family Group Home

Casablanca Receiving Home



Hope Cottage



Mossley Group Home

Omaru Hostel


Tower House Young Women’s Hostel

West Winds Boys Home

Essington House




Otago Benevolent Institution, Caversham

Bowmont Street Home, Invercargill

Lorne Farm, Makarewa, Southland

Industrial School, Caversham

Dunedin Boys’ Home,  Lookout Point

Elliot Street Home, Andersons Bay

Dunedin Family Home

Otekaike Special School/Campbell Park School

St Mary’s Orphanage, Dunedin

Anglican Memorial Home for Boys, Vauxhall, Dunedin

Children’s Rest Home/Dunkley Children’s Temporary Homes

St Vincent de Paul Orphanage for Girls, Dunedin

St Joseph’s Hoys’ Home

Presbyterian Orphanage and Children’s Home, Dunedin

Presbyterian Boys’ Home/Hostel, Dunedin

Glendining Home/Glendining Complex, Dunedin

Nisbet Home, Dunedin

Marama Home, Lawrence

Victoria Memorial Home, Invercargill

Cameron Home, Invercargill

Gladstone Home, Invercargill

Allison Home, Invercargill

Inglenook Home, Gore

Sutherland Home, Invercargill

Tweed Street Boys’ Home, Invercargill

Highfield Home, Invercargill

Girls’ Home, Middlemarch

Anderson Bay Orphanage and Day School

Young Women’s Industrial Home, Dunedin