New Zealand

Information on the following Homes comes from the Hocken Collections Reference Guides for Orphanages and Children’s Homes in Otago and Southland, which may be found in the CLAN library.


Otago Benevolent Institution, Caversham

Bowmont Street Home, Invercargill

Lorne Farm, Makarewa, Southland

Industrial School, Caversham

Dunedin Boys’ Home,  Lookout Point

Elliot Street Home, Andersons Bay

Dunedin Family Home

Otekaike Special School/Campbell Park School

St Mary’s Orphanage, Dunedin

Anglican Memorial Home for Boys, Vauxhall, Dunedin

Children’s Rest Home/Dunkley Children’s Temporary Homes

St Vincent de Paul Orphanage for Girls, Dunedin

St Joseph’s Boys’ Home

Presbyterian Orphanage and Children’s Home, Dunedin

Presbyterian Boys’ Home/Hostel, Dunedin

Glendining Home/Glendining Complex, Dunedin

Nisbet Home, Dunedin

Marama Home, Lawrence

Victoria Memorial Home, Invercargill

Cameron Home, Invercargill

Gladstone Home, Invercargill

Allison Home, Invercargill

Inglenook Home, Gore

Sutherland Home, Invercargill

Tweed Street Boys’ Home, Invercargill

Highfield Home, Invercargill

Girls’ Home, Middlemarch

Anderson Bay Orphanage and Day School

Young Women’s Industrial Home, Dunedin