Care Leavers Who Died at War

The following is a list of people who grew up in Orphanages, Children’s Homes, Foster Care or other Institutions and died serving our country in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea 

  • John Francis Croft (born McNamee) – Nudgee Orphanage, served WWII and Korea
  • Ernest Elphinstone – raised in ‘care’ in Perth, WA, served in WWII
  • James Charles Renkin – raised in ‘care’ in Victoria, served in WWII
  • Horace Patrick Wilson – raised in Clontarf Orphanage, served in WWI
  • Allan McNeil – Geelong Orphan Asylum, Victoria
  • John McNeill – Geelong Orphan Asylum, Victoria
  • G Benett – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • H Chambers – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • J Donohue – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • F Lynch – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • J O’Brien – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • J Ross – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria
  • J Carey – St Augustines Boys Home – Geelong, Victoria   Click here to read an article about Carey
  • L D McCarthy VC – Subiaco Boys Orphanage, Western Australia Click Here for an Article on the Life of LD McCarthy
  • Henry Alexander Vienet – Geelong Orphan Asylum
  • William Charles Levitzke II – Clontarf Orphanage and served in WWI  AIF. Information courtesy of Valarie: William Charles Levitzke II was her grandmother’s brother and she said “they were placed ‘in care’, Orphans of the Living, by Police Magistrate in 1903.  William aged out and was apprenticed to a farmer – Patrick Durack, Wagin.  William enlisted (1916) near the end of WWI and fought in France.  Both William and my grandmother were placed in care by Police Magistrate W A G Walter in September 1903”.
  • Leslie Bonney – Tally Ho Boys Home Burwood, Victoria – Served in WWI. 
  • Guy Richard Godden – Tresca Home, Tasmania

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Click here to read the article written by Frank Golding titled “Orphanage Soldiers”