Tania Maxwell MP asks why there is no redress scheme for ALL abused Care Leavers in VIC

Source: http://taniamaxwell.com.au/abused-care-leavers-deserve-redress/

Thank you Tania Maxwell MP for bringing this important issue to parliament and asks why the State has not yet provided a redress scheme for care leavers who experienced physical, psychological and emotional abuse while in Victorian orphanages.

“In the absence of commonwealth action, as with other redress Victoria could and should lead the way, so I ask the government: what are you waiting for? Care Leavers recently issued their plea on the steps of this Parliament—and they asked the government to please hear them, please see them and deliver to Care Leavers the recognition that they deserve.”

Attention Clannies, it is a public holiday in Melbourne on Monday 14/03/22 if you require any assistance, please contact us on 1800 007 774 and our Sydney office will be able to help you.


The Parramatta Girls Memorial details below of where and when, if you would like to attend:

When: Wednesday, 6 April 2022 at 10.50 am for an 11am start

Where: 1 Fleet Street, North Parramatta


Improving Justice System Response to Sex Offences Report


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The National Redress Scheme and Direct Personal Response Overlook Care Leavers, below is Clans Submission 16/11/21:

Submission into the Direct Personal Response Overlook of Care Leavers

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