Apology from: NSW Government

Regarding: Senate Inquiry
June 2005


The Government of New South Wales apologises for any physical, psychological and social harm caused to the children, and hurt and distress experienced by them while in the care of the State.  We make this apology in the hope that it may help the process of healing.

The New South Wales Government is strongly committed to supporting families to reduce the need for children to be in care.  Where children and young people are placed in care, the Government will assist with the services available to them.

We hope that this apology will be accepted in the spirit in which it is made and that the New South Wales Government, our community partners and the community at large can continue to work together to build a better and safer place in which our children can live, grow and flourish.  We know we need to listen to these people and work with them to make this a reality.

I thank the House for the opportunity to make this important and much overdue statement.  I hope this apology, along with other measures that I have outlined today, will help bring healing and help to those young Australians who, at a vulnerable time in their lives, were let down by the system.

Reba Meagher MP
Minister for Community services
Minister for Youth